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Feminist blogs for men?

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DaisyHayes Thu 26-May-11 10:45:22

I have a couple of male friends who I have beaten into submission have listened to some of things I have to say about Feminism over the past few years and would like to know more, to be more engaged and involved.

They get that their support for the movement should be exactly that - supportive, doing grunt work in the background - rather than wanting to muscle in on groups and commitees with their Unique Male Perspective and expecting a cookie for it.

They do want to know how they get better informed though. To fully support a movement, they need to feel that they've fully grasped it.

I have given them reading lists, but they have all said that something that deals with topical issues would be useful. A sort of I Blame The Patriarchy for men. They've asked me if there are any Feminist blogs written by or for men.

Most Feminist blogs are female only spaces and they feel that it would good to engage in a small area where men are welcome to discuss and educate themselves in order to support the movement.

This is not unproblematic. I've told them to find them themselves, or set one up, obviously. However, I would also be interested to have a look at such things should they exist. Do any of you know of any?

AliceWhirled Thu 26-May-11 12:48:35

someone posted this the other day

Looks like the blog isn't going now, but it might lead to other links.

there's also this which is issue specific but again has links too.

and they really need to grasp male privilege which I hope they are doing. Of course I'm not there to understand the entire situation, so you're the judge, but getting you to research things for them is not always a great sign.

InmaculadaConcepcion Thu 26-May-11 12:51:33

This one looks like it might hit the spot, Daisy

I haven't investigated thoroughly, but it seems to have been updated recently (there's an article on the slutwalks, for example).

<goes back to take another look>

dittany Thu 26-May-11 12:58:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InmaculadaConcepcion Thu 26-May-11 12:59:47

Hmm....not such a good suggestion, then.

dittany Thu 26-May-11 13:01:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MisterDarsey Thu 26-May-11 16:15:57

Daisy, if your friends are on Facebook they should have a look at:

Men's Feminist Book Group

Current book for discussion is 'Men and Feminism' by Shira Tarrant

HerBeX Thu 26-May-11 16:23:00

What about Robert Jensen, does he have a blog?

dittany Thu 26-May-11 16:49:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MisterDarsey Sat 28-May-11 22:08:15

check out Jackson Katz:

His website

One of his videos

MisterDarsey Sat 04-Jun-11 10:13:39

Are you still looking?

Here's one

A radical pro-feminist

SybilBeddows Sat 04-Jun-11 10:16:43

has anyone linked to the Mens Health magazine feminist blog?

DaisyHayes Sat 04-Jun-11 14:34:31

This is all incredibly useful stuff, thank you.

The more I read the more I am...suspicious? I don't know. There just seems to be a whiff of 'Yes! I am completely amazing for doing this amazing thing for women! Give me attention and biscuits!' about it. Maybe I'm being too resistant.

Anyway. I need to ponder all this a bit more.

Thanks again.

MisterDarsey Sun 05-Jun-11 11:55:58

There just seems to be a whiff of 'Yes! I am completely amazing for doing this amazing thing for women! Give me attention and biscuits!' about it.

I don't think that's the case at all, Daisy. Some men may see this as an easy way to get female admiration, but as Jackson Katz says "It's embarrassing to be congratulated for doing what we know men should be doing."

buzzsore Sun 05-Jun-11 15:58:09

Not a feminist issues blog, but PZ Myers at Pharyngula tries to promote pro-feminist attitudes at his biology/atheism blog.

Adair Tue 07-Jun-11 19:09:49 is a good one - he blogs about lots of feminist issues.

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