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Hollie McNish performance poem on Woman's Hour - blew me away

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lambslettuce Fri 11-Mar-11 10:24:47

And made me cry. Anyone else listening?

lambslettuce Fri 11-Mar-11 10:45:10

See this thread instead...

HollieMcNish Mon 12-Sep-11 13:38:40

For anyone in the London area who wrote on this thread. All your support has led me to start a residency in Battersea Arts Centre to develop their toddler play area into a poetry stage where people with kids can come and see a gig / reading. My first days for anyone in London are here, and free: come along anytime, would be lovely to meet you..! I'll be in the childrens play area on the 22nd and 23rd Sept, morning and early afternoon x

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