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Feminism on BBC3

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ElfPantsAtMidnightMass Thu 06-Jan-11 01:08:52

Did anyone else see the programme about girls in hip hop videos on BBC3 tonight? It's the same presenter who did the (very good) programme about Afghanistan last year, and this time she is examining the issue of women in hip hop music videos.

V good and well worth watching. And it's a feminist programme, on a mainstream channel aimed at teenagers. grin

ElfPantsAtMidnightMass Thu 06-Jan-11 01:16:35

AND it featured a familiar face, Julia Long who <hides google> chaired the workshop about Violence Against Women at the conference.

Here being called a "Sexual Equality Expert" which I liked.

tallwivglasses Thu 06-Jan-11 02:16:34

Whoops, sorry, just started another thread about this.

ElfPantsAtMidnightMass Thu 06-Jan-11 02:20:26

Oh yeah! Well at least it's not just me on here now <no mates>

At least it's blimmin well being talked about. And about as far from making it look glamorous as you could get.

tallwivglasses Thu 06-Jan-11 02:24:00


scottishmummy Thu 06-Jan-11 02:26:00

sexualisation and objectification via music needs talked about,some grim images

TheBrandyButterflyEffect Thu 06-Jan-11 02:33:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ElfPantsAtMidnightMass Thu 06-Jan-11 10:13:05

It would be better if the women were making more money. Because at the moment, their bodies are making money for the men, and (next to) none for them. It would be less exploitative. Whereas atm these blokes are making money (in terms of publicity/record sales/deals) out of these girls bodies. While the women are broke. As in so many industries

TheBrandyButterflyEffect Thu 06-Jan-11 10:32:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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