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Radio one so anti women.

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TheFeministParent Sun 26-Dec-10 15:48:55

So the other day I was listening to Vacuous Cotton, I rarely have 1 on anymore, and was outraged when she mocked the complaints regarding the outfits and dancing on X factor....she seemed shocked that anyone would find such a trivial issue worthy of complaint. And then today repeatedly accused twat band Ndbz is hosting a is off now!

So I have a couple of questions.

Why, given that the band are shit and it was information that Dippy took from radio one to harass a girl via text, are they allowed on radio one? What is radio one's agenda?

And what young women in the media are worthy role models? if any?

cashmygold Sun 26-Dec-10 22:36:40

I don't really listen to Radio 1 so didn't hear Cotton's views on this matter.

I am aware of the complaints and from reading other threads on this site people have been outraged by the X-FACTOR-GATE Rihanna & Christina outfits/suggestive dancing.

However, I would like to put forward an alternative viewpoint which I think has vitally been missed.

Yes I would agree that the clothing wore by these artists were revealing, but at the same time I thought isn't great to see I curvy women performing and embracing the natural female liberating.

Rihanna is a fine looking black woman with curves. Something we don't see often in the mainstream. To me it looked as though Christina has 'filled-out' post having a baby, and looked so much curvier and healthier than her genie in the bottle days.

Look at Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue (who just had a baby) both are stick insects. Thats not what I want to see thrown in my face... highly unattainable bodies shown to the masses. This is a poor view of women and the female frame.

To answer your question, I would say that Beyonce Knowles is a worthy role model for young women!!!!

TheFeministParent Mon 27-Dec-10 10:46:25

Love the fuller alternative too, but still would rather no grinding, humping and almost naked dancing!

LowLevelBahHumbug Mon 27-Dec-10 10:50:29

Weren't the complaints more about the time it was on, ie when children would be watching a family show, rather than the outfits themselves?

TheFeministParent Mon 27-Dec-10 10:53:47

Yes, of course it was noone would complain about the outfits alone......we love our women practically naked, it is a requirement!!!wink

Seriously, you're right it was supposed family viewing.

cashmygold Mon 27-Dec-10 12:42:48

@ feministparent

"but still would rather no grinding, humping and almost naked dancing!"

In defence to Rihanna, the so called humping and grinding dance you mention is a form of dance hall dancing typical of her culture usually found in the Caribbean countries. So for people to interpret it as grinding or 'dirty dancing' (as I have heard) could be construed as offensive to Rihanna's cultural heritage.

If you ever get the opportunity to take your DC to the Notting Hill carnival i'm sure you'd witness the sane thing. Should children not be allowed to see other cultures doing their thing???

HerBeatitude Mon 27-Dec-10 20:35:04

The difference between Notting Hill and ITV, is that you've chosen to go to Notting Hill. You haven't chosen to watch over-sexualised dance performances with your children before the watershed.

As for the "it's their culture" argument - please. Showing women as less than human fuck objects is part of most cultures on earth. Doesn't mean we should accept it as reasonable.

TheFeministParent Tue 28-Dec-10 08:33:55

hmm yes those Yanks and their cultural burlesque, and pop and it's cultural stripping of female's a requirement to be famous, sing about being weak, accepting DV and if in doubt take off some clothes. Caribbean my arse, it was a pop song and she's selling an overtly sexualised image.

TheFeministParent Tue 28-Dec-10 08:34:23

HB.....I love you.

PressureDrop Tue 28-Dec-10 08:37:52

Run by old men, aimed at young men. Horribly male culture as a workplace.

I have always found it unbearable.

cashmygold Tue 28-Dec-10 13:32:12

Well I did actually say in my post 'in defence to Rihanna'.

I didn't say any thing about burlesque stripping to be fair.

one says over-sexualised dancing, I say traditional dance.

suppose its just a case of semantics.

Yes we all have a choice. Parents exercise your choice to switch of the TV.

cashmygold Tue 28-Dec-10 13:33:46


TheFeministParent Tue 28-Dec-10 17:11:03

I wouldn't allow my dcs to watch such vacuous shite anyway...that's reserved for me and DH!!

HerBeatitude Thu 30-Dec-10 16:49:51

cashmygold, I never listen to Radio 1.

But my licence fee pays for it and I think I have the right to object to it promoting sexism.

YunoYurbubson Sat 01-Jan-11 08:55:21

I'm not in uk so cannot comment on radio one, but I do find that listening to any pop music station gets my teeth grinding. The lyrics!!

Last time I listened there was one girl singing "according to you I'm rubbish, but according to HIM I'm brilliant, so ha, in your face, a MAN likes me" (may not be actual lyrics).

Then there was a supposed love song that went "I'm trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful" ummmm... Because it's really hard to talk about women without resorting to crass sexual insults? Thanks for that then.

Then there was something like "beautiful girls all over the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasted cuz they've got nothing on youuuuuu baby, nothing on youuuuu baby" because remember girls, your man COULD cheat on you any time he wanted to so just you be grateful that this time he's chosen not to. Oh and make sure that you keep yourself finer than any of those girls or he might not be so magnanimous next time, mmmkay?

I can YouTube link you to any of the songs. I think they're all qute well known though. I find it so fucking depressing that THIS is what my daughter will grow up listening to. I can't shield her from popular culture (and I don't think I want to) but I can sure as hell prime her not to believe any of that crap. God you're so EMOTIONAL and hormonal as a teen, thinking you're desperately in love with that boy in the year up from you, dreaming about him on the bus, listening to the latest pop music on your walkman, and THIS is your primer sheet for how love works? It sucks. It's wrong.

Rant over.

TheFeministParent Sat 01-Jan-11 10:13:19

Perhaps we should have a misogynist lyric competition? I would definitely put up the insidious Ndubz.

YunoYurbubson Sat 01-Jan-11 14:12:13

Never heard of ndubz.

Might be more of a challenge to find something that didn't raise my hackles though.

[miserable old cats bum emoticons]

TheFeministParent Sat 01-Jan-11 14:17:47

Yeah, you're right.

Ndubz are a personal hate for me, one member sent death threats to a radio one listener, one was conviction of sexual assault. Their current song is 'Girls, I fuck with them'...includes a bit a lipstick lesbian in the video and the girl sings about men being the boss of her....

Oh don't get me started!!

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