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Naomi Wolf & Jaclyn Friedman: Feminists Debate the Sexual Allegations Against Julian Assange

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earwicga Mon 20-Dec-10 22:12:49

On Democracy Now.

Part One (with transcript)

Part Two

I don't know if part two will be transcribed or not.

Naomi Wolf utterly revoltes me.

earwicga Mon 20-Dec-10 22:28:10

Transcript of first half of Part Two is here

BurningBuntingFlipFlop Mon 20-Dec-10 22:59:49

Very interesting. Shocking that NW seems to believe the myth that the "right" kind of rape, the one that is violent/down an alley is the main issue. So bizarre. My limited personal experience tells me differently.

dittany Tue 21-Dec-10 00:18:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sethstarofbethlehemsmum Tue 21-Dec-10 15:22:41

she doesn't seem to know an awful lot about how women who have been raped behave, for someone who has spent 23 years working with rape victims all over the world.
Maybe the problem is she has spent 23 years telling them about herself and never shut up long enough to listen to them.

Everything is always about Naomi:
' really this is about a journalist who has angered the most powerful and increasingly brutal nation on earth, and it’s about all of us who are journalists being dragged into a dangerous situation because of criticism of the government.'

no, it's about some women who have been raped. Not about you this time Naomi, sorry.

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