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Which feminist book shall I buy for my 17 year old cousin?

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msrisotto Sat 20-Nov-10 08:06:45

She's into politics so might appreciate this present for christmas but i'm not sure which one is best.

I've read Living dolls which might be good considering all the facebook photos of her and her friends in next to nothing.....but maybe the Equality illusion as an intro? I haven't read that one yet though. What do you think?

sethstarkaddersmum Sat 20-Nov-10 08:33:21

Equality Illusion, even though much of the ground covered is the same Partly because Equality Illusion covers more stuff, partly because it's more political in style, partly because it's written by a younger feminist who is of a nearer generation to your cousin so it is more like the voice of her own generation.

OneLieIn Sat 20-Nov-10 08:34:22

I read the female eunuch at 18 and that changed my life... Infact I might just pull it iff the book shelf and reread

Sakura Sat 20-Nov-10 12:46:12

'THe WHole WOman' gets my vote for a generally good read. I read it at 18 and it blew me away, changed my life, you could say...

Or 'The Beauty Myth' . I read it recently and just remembered thinking it was so relevant to young women, and that I would give it to my daughter to read.

Sakura Sat 20-Nov-10 12:47:47

If it's an intro to feminism, the Equality Illusion would be good. It's a summary, I would say.
(save the others for subsequent christmasses wink )

earwicga Sat 20-Nov-10 12:50:11

Eve Ensler's I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World - I wish I had had this book at 17. It's absolutely brilliant.

earwicga Sat 20-Nov-10 12:53:04

There's a video link here nner-girl

Miffster Sat 20-Nov-10 12:58:58

Another vote for The Beauty Myth

msrisotto Sat 20-Nov-10 14:59:17

Thanks everyone. I think she'd be new to feminist literature and might even take offence to me handing her a book entitled the beauty myth because she is stunning, it might be perceived as a dig or something!

Sakura Sat 20-Nov-10 15:05:19

haha, yes, see your point about The Beauty Myth, but she might be intrigued by the title

msrisotto Sat 20-Nov-10 15:13:04

The topic is the first thing that drew me into feminism, but then I bought Living Dolls but probably because it was popular and well publicised at the right time for me.

chaya5738 Sat 20-Nov-10 15:15:52

Ariel Levy's "Female Chauvinist Pigs"

chaya5738 Sat 20-Nov-10 15:17:08

although again, it may be a bit offensive to give as a give...

AdelaofBlois Sun 21-Nov-10 16:29:53

Equality Illusion

(for me but now rather wrorying in some ways) The feminine Mystique

'Noughtie girl's guide to feminism', for all it's flaws, very good for the unitiated

earwicga Sun 21-Nov-10 16:30:41

'Noughtie girl's guide to feminism' includes rape in the section about sex. That is utterly wrong to me.

dittany Sun 21-Nov-10 16:39:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

msrisotto Sun 21-Nov-10 16:49:35

Thanks everyone, I think I will get her the equality illusion. I'm afraid I have to keep the costs down as I have a lot of people to buy for so one book it is and I want it to feel relevant to her now, to recruit her grin

AdelaofBlois Sun 21-Nov-10 17:01:55


I agree, it's also remarkably and pointlessly defensive. But it might just be written for precisely the kind of woman-those feminisn'ts, the OP suggests her cousin is.

HerBeatitude Sun 21-Nov-10 22:34:28

My friend read Jill Tweedies "In the name of Love" when she was 14 and it changed her life. She just realised what a load of shit women are supposed to put up with in the name of lurve and never bought into it because of that book.

Wish I'd read it when I was younger than my late twenties. grin

everythingiseverything Mon 22-Nov-10 10:18:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ElephantsAndMiasmas Mon 22-Nov-10 16:47:00

Ooh ooh HerBea - tell me more?

Love Jill Tweedie.

I vote Equality Illusion too. Easy to read, written by someone young, covers a range of issues. It's great.

Is she into English/History? I read A Room of One's Own at about 16 and it gave me a concept of women's history that I had never had before. Very short too. My dad and brother have both read it (and loved it) on my recommendation.

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