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Who are today's inspirational women and how do we feel about current female role models?

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 23-Sep-10 13:37:08

I'm attending an event tonight which is discussing today's inspirational women and wanted to pick your brians smile please.

Who are your role models - do you have them, do they bear any resemblance to those that tend to top the lists in the meeja? Are there women that you find inspiring and why?

Bonsoir Thu 23-Sep-10 13:40:32

Michèle Alliot-Marie. She's so sensible and hardworking and so not a show-off. But, of course, she is French so not really relevant to your event.

Bonsoir Thu 23-Sep-10 13:41:14

Penelope Leach - a true heroine.

smallwhitecat Thu 23-Sep-10 13:43:33

Message withdrawn

wukter Thu 23-Sep-10 13:45:25

I have 3 Brians.
My uncle, a cousin and an ex.


PennyDreadful Thu 23-Sep-10 13:45:51

Bridget Riley
Zandra Rhodes

Creative forces like those....also artists like Barbara Hepworth (who is now dead of course) who were ahead of their time.

PennyDreadful Thu 23-Sep-10 13:48:30

During the bird flu outbreak there was a woman doing twice daily talks and updates in several languages from the UN. She was fab.

Agree with SWC that it's hardly aspirational to want to be married to a politician - no matter how important he is.

KiwiKat Thu 23-Sep-10 13:51:06

I think we're sadly lacking female role models, which is why so many young girls want to be WAGs - ie, some rich man's appendage, rather than making their own mark.

Mervynne Thu 23-Sep-10 13:55:17

Sheila Kitzinger
Saw something non-optimal and worked to make it better.

shandydrinker Thu 23-Sep-10 13:59:28

kirsty wark
Julie birchill
Caitlin moran

Maggie ofarrell

Louise bourgois
Paula rego
Geeta iyengar

EdgarAllInPink Thu 23-Sep-10 14:03:53

Shami chakrabarti
Margaret Thatcher
Linda Smith (rip)

Spidermama Thu 23-Sep-10 14:04:11

Davina McColl is fabulous.

She has made a success of herself through very feminine attributes. She's genuinely warm and caring, interested in and sympathetic with others AND she's fit and healthy. I bet she's a great mum too. There are very few women in the entertainment world with whom I have any truck whatsoever but she is one.

Lauren Lavern is another. She's intelligent, cool and funny.

Personally I don't have role models as such, but Davina is certainly a woman I like very much and approve of.

I'm also a very big fan of my local MP and Green Party leader Caroline Lucas. She is ethically as sound as anyone I've ever met. She has no airs and graces, is articulate, campaigns tirelessly year after year having to brush shoulders with some proper arse holes in the world of politics, and not only is she a really nice person but is also very funny.

EdgarAllInPink Thu 23-Sep-10 14:04:15

Princess Anne - sportswoman and tireless charity worker.

Spidermama Thu 23-Sep-10 14:05:20

I'd have to echo Sheila Kitzinger.

I largely credit her books with my dream pregnancies and four lovely drug-free home births.

dittany Thu 23-Sep-10 14:05:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 23-Sep-10 14:06:02

I heart Davina smile

<If anyone says Katie Price i will cry>

pompncircumstance Thu 23-Sep-10 14:07:18

The chancellor of Germany - Angela Merkel

Mervynne Thu 23-Sep-10 14:08:11

Yes but Spidermama, Kitzinger (and of course others) has had such a good go at trying to improve an inhumane system.
I wasn't really talking about her as a role model on a personal level iyswim, though she is that as well.

Spidermama Thu 23-Sep-10 14:10:05

Yes and along the same lines I'd have to say Janet Balaskas and Ina May Gaskin.

Spidermama Thu 23-Sep-10 14:11:55

I also think that Lorraine Kelly, whilst covering silly subjects like make up and celebs, is actually a very sound woman.

LostArt Thu 23-Sep-10 14:12:51

Agree with Linda Smith. Also Jo Brand.

I will always have a soft spot for Jeanette Winterson, if only for 'Organges are not the only fruit'.

thumbwitch Thu 23-Sep-10 14:22:00

another vote for Princess Anne.

Prolesworth Thu 23-Sep-10 14:22:19

Message withdrawn

smallwhitecat Thu 23-Sep-10 14:23:48

Message withdrawn

Prolesworth Thu 23-Sep-10 14:24:39

Message withdrawn

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