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The Truth About Female Finances

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jibbet Fri 17-Sep-10 20:00:58

From the Fawcett Society, campaigners for equal rights for women. See website(, and join up - they need all the support they can get!

In August, the Fawcett Society filed papers with the High Court seeking a Judicial Review of the government's recent emergency budget.

Under equality laws, we believe the government should have assessed whether its budget proposals would increase or reduce inequality between women and men. Despite repeated requests, the Treasury have not provided any evidence that any such an assessment took place.

Even a top line assessment of the budget measures show 72 per cent of cuts will be met from women's income as opposed to 28 per cent from men's. This is because many of the cuts are to the benefits that more women than men rely on, and the changes to the tax system will benefit far more men than women.

Furthermore: According to a study by the Institute of Social and Economic Research, a
man's disposable income increases by 15% after a divorce, whereas a woman's
falls by 28%. One in four children lives with a single parent, 91% of single
parents are female, and single parents are the poorest group of people in
the UK.

RamblingRosa Fri 17-Sep-10 20:44:07

There have been several links to the Fawcett call for a judicial review already (I started one but can't remember if it was on here or in Politics/In the News) but haven't seen the ISER research. Sadly I'm not surprised that single parents are the poorest group of people in the UK and it's set to get a whole lot worse with the government's cuts which will have the worst impact on single parents

celticfairy101 Fri 17-Sep-10 23:21:57

The argument often posited by mcp's regarding women losing out post divorce is that the majority of divorces are initiated by women. What they forget to mention is that the majority of divorces are served as a result of adultery.

I think it's disgraceful that a bloke can go off shag find true lurve with someone else and it's the woman and children who have to pay for it. Furthermore there is no compulsion for a person who leaves the marital home to spend time with their children however they can get contact if denied through the courts.

It shows conclusively that women who have children are most likely to risk financial security in terms of career success.

user1482899995 Wed 28-Dec-16 05:04:32

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