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"Jamie Oliver has son at 4th attempt"...

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TheOldestCat Thu 16-Sep-10 15:09:28

...or so says The Daily Telegraph today (printed edition).

Am I alone in finding this vile?

I don't usually get riled at things, but what does that say about his daughters? They were just an attempt to sire the all-important son and heir? What crap.

Not that gender preference is a crime, of course, but to act like someone having two or three babies of one gender before having one of the opposite sex makes the first ones failed attempts has made me feel sick.

TheOldestCat Thu 16-Sep-10 15:11:08

I am having a bad day though, so I could be over-reacting. Ahem.

Hullygully Thu 16-Sep-10 15:11:35

<Whispers> But people often say the same about a girl baby after 3 sons.

silverfrog Thu 16-Sep-10 15:11:58

JO has made no secret of the fact that he has wanted a boy, though, has he?

so maybe the headline is referencing this? it's not as though it is completely made up - didn't he say something like "shame it's not a boy" when daughter no 3 was born? (sorry if I am paraphrasing too wildly there - I don't usually pay attention to sleb stuff, but I'm sure he was "disappointed" she was a girl)

sethstarkaddersmum Thu 16-Sep-10 15:12:16

I see what you mean.
That implies every attempt was an attempt to conceive a son.
Now, I have some sympathy with him wanting a son after 3 girls (just like my SIL with 3 boys would love a daughter) but that's just daft.

I think this is a case of They Haven't Really Thought It Through....

Katisha Thu 16-Sep-10 15:12:23

Does imply though that he wanted a boy and kept trying until he did. Badly worded.

Cyclops Thu 16-Sep-10 15:15:25

Buddy Olly has saved the day.

TheCrackFox Thu 16-Sep-10 15:16:12

It is badly worded but TBh I have known a lot of mums make no secret of their desire for a daughter.

TheOldestCat Thu 16-Sep-10 15:20:47

Ah yes, I see. It's just the phrasing I'm objecting to. 'Oliver delighted to have baby boy' would be fine, in my world, it's the idea that the preceding children were 'attempts' (according to the Torygraph, not the Olivers).

I need a lie down grin . It's been one of those days.

Anyway, congrats to them. Buddy is very cute!

indie37 Thu 16-Sep-10 15:29:37

I think it's awful to be honest, almost like the other 3 children don't count. It says on one site that they were considering adoption if they couldn't have a boy naturally.

bakingtray Thu 16-Sep-10 15:46:19

Honestly!! wouldn't anyone who had three kids of same sex have a preference for the other 4th time round? (even just to buy different coloured clothes!) The way I'm reading it people are saying that Jamie believes his girls are inferior to his son - do they know him personally? He very much comes across as a devoted dad to ALL his kids. LET HIM ENJOY HAVING A NEW BABY WITHOUT BEING SO NASTY PS I had three boys first and was sick of people saying I must be wishing for a girl 4th time round. I would have preferred a girl but it really didn't matter (she was a girl - and so was my next one!)

TheOldestCat Thu 16-Sep-10 16:23:25

Um, we're (I'm) not being nasty about the Olivers and I agree with your points about preference (either way) not being a bad thing per se.

It's the wording of the headline that I think stinks - and would if you inserted 'daughter' for 'son'. But that's just me.

DirtyMartini Thu 16-Sep-10 16:31:04

I agree, OP. I'm delighted for them, but it's an awful headline and if I were the Olivers, I'd be upset on my daughters' behalf (despite the new baby haze of joy smile).

Not that surprising from the Telegraph though -- the paper that, I seem to recall from growing up with it at my mum's house, habitually describes female murder victims with irrelevant detail about appearances, eg "blonde" hmm as if they are Philip Marlowe characters or something. Maybe I am doing it a disservice but it was certainly like that in the early 90s.

nikkershaw Thu 16-Sep-10 16:32:29

i was 4th girl and my dads mates all felt sorry for him grin

withorwithoutyou Thu 16-Sep-10 16:34:27

I can see exactly the same headline in reverse about the Beckhams if they had a girl

vetnursegirl Thu 16-Sep-10 16:47:13

I think wanting a girl or a boy specifically puts unfair pressure and expectations on a child.

For example, why would someone want a boy after three girls? Is it because they want someone to bond with over DIY, Formula One, football etc. Is it because they want him to carry on the family name? Is it because they want to buy blue clothes and 'boys' toys? And what if the boy grows up to be gay/ hate football/ love makeup? Similarly, what if a long sought after daughter prefers 'men's clothes/ hates shopping/ doesn't want a family etc.

Obviously, I can't comment on the Olivers but from what I see people only want a specific sex because of what they imagine that person will be like based on gender; sexism in the extreme!

Of course, I understand it's impossible to control any natural preferences for a son or daughter but I believe a child is a child whatever's between their legs and they should be able to grow up without having to fulfill the role of the stereotypical 'daughter with dollies' or 'son with cars'.

bytheMoonlight Thu 16-Sep-10 16:49:20

I agree with vetnursegirl.

But what is worse is what he has named his child, Buddy Bear, how cruel can you be?

BoneyBackJefferson Thu 16-Sep-10 18:58:11

Slightly different but similar


seem to recall a mother that said she was going to keep trying for a girl after 11 boys.

Sakura Fri 17-Sep-10 09:13:56

I agree vetnursegirl. I can relate to wondering what it would be like to have a child of a certain sex, but not aspiring to keep trying until you get one so they can slot into your image of what they should be like IYSWIM

sparky159 Fri 17-Sep-10 09:56:45

a long time ago-when i went into hospital to have my children-it was not unusual to see
women having their third or fourth girl and the women being upset as their husbands was angry with them.
i even saw one woman disowning her baby girl
[because she was so depressed that she had "let her husband down"]
all these women had a indian heritage.
often the women that had boys cheerfully said-"my husband is very pleased with me".

i wonder if this still goes on?
it was very sad to see.

GothAnneGeddes Fri 17-Sep-10 18:39:22

Exactly - The difference is that globally, boys are more valued then girls

foreverastudent Fri 17-Sep-10 18:42:37

At least it's honest. Better that than trying to pretend that gender preference doesn't exist. Bringing in out in the open, to an audience that maybe hasn't thought about it before, at least gets people talking about gender issues.

GothAnneGeddes Fri 17-Sep-10 18:44:44

cont'd - So IMO, preference for a boy has a slightly dubious edge.

GoldenGreen Fri 17-Sep-10 18:48:44

My mum's friend was desperate for a girl. She had four boys (and two miscarriages) and basically said she wasn't going to stop until she had a girl, which she finally did.

When I was about 11, I heard the two youngest boys arguing "she wanted you to be a girl" "no she wanted you to be a girl" etc. It has stayed with me all this time as I found it so sad. Why not enjoy the children you have? OK if you were planning to have five anyway but I don't understand keeping going to get the desired gender (she turned out to be a very "ungirly" girl anyway!)

Ephiny Fri 17-Sep-10 19:11:36

Not surprised she was an ungirly girl growing up with 4 brothers! I do feel sorry for the children who were created as by-products of the quest for one that meets the parents' required specification. And for the one who did meet requirements but then is presumably under pressure to be gender-typical in everything they do.

Honestly I'd rather see IVF with selective implantation or some such 'designer baby' scenario, at least that's honest and doesn't result in producing a whole troop of unwanted 'imperfect' children in the process.

It's not wrong to have a preference - though I have to admit I don't 'get' this myself and can't imagine why it would matter, a child is a child and no two are the same. Admittedly I may be unusually gender-blind, don't even care about it for choice of partner, it just seems irrelevant to me, I realise not everyone feels that way though!

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