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Hooters in Cardiff

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DuelingFanjo Fri 06-Aug-10 10:28:11

Apparently Hooters is going to be opening up in Cardiff City Centre info here

Recently the local council set up a questionnaire about Cardiff City Night Life and the AM Jonathan Morgan said of Cardiff Nightlife "It is still reliant on very large and cheap-looking night clubs. It lacks good quality restaurants and small cafe bars."

It reems ridiculous to me therefore that the council would happily allow Hooters to open up in the City when it clearly objectifies women and would make the city centre even less of an attraction for many women.

Perhaps if anyone from Cardiff reads this, and feels as I do, they could fill in the council questionnaire and mention the rise of strip clubs in Cardiff. you can also mail your objections to but it needs to be done before 11th August.

DuelingFanjo Fri 06-Aug-10 10:55:38

Seems they managed to keep them out of Sheffield

Prolesworth Fri 06-Aug-10 14:30:44

Message withdrawn

hellymelly Fri 06-Aug-10 14:34:27

I'm going to protest.I don't live in Cardiff now,although I did as a teenager,but I visit as my brother lives there so I feel I should protest.

DuelingFanjo Fri 06-Aug-10 15:15:55

My attitude to this sort of thing has changed in recent years, partly through reading mumsnet. I used to think all this kind of thing was fairly innocent and not worth bothering about but now it just really annoys me the way women are objectified and I would really hate it if a restaurant like this became the norm in the UK

BTW - apparently the email address is wrong and you should mail but maybe try both.

I have also contacted Jonathan Morgan and my own local MP.

hellymelly Fri 06-Aug-10 17:17:45

dueling fanjo where in Cardiff are you?

DuelingFanjo Fri 06-Aug-10 17:27:06

hey there

I am in Splott. Newport road end

hellymelly Fri 06-Aug-10 19:55:23

I lived in Splott when I first left home,adamsdown sq.I love all the jewel streets,Diamond,Emerald etc.Splott is great as you can just walk anywhere.Although last time I was there I could hardly get my barings as it's all been restructured so much.

AlistairSim Fri 06-Aug-10 20:07:40

How utterly grim.

I don't live in Cardiff but I have some family there, so will pass on the details.

ElephantsAndMiasmas Fri 06-Aug-10 22:53:42

Last time they did it parly through the unversity. Might be a good place to start? See if they have a women's officer, she should know about the rise in sexuals assaults etc around sex-based bars.

DuelingFanjo Sat 07-Aug-10 09:40:11

I have had an email from Jonathan Morgan the M who spoke about Cardiff Nightlife being so bad. Unfortunately he seems to think that basing a campaign on the clothing the waitresses wear would be unsuccessful.

"Thanks for the email. Being reasonably well versed in the Licensing Act, I don't think that the objections based on the waitresses amount of clothing will succeed.

The application will be judged on the provisions of the Act, and will be open to appeal if ignored by the Licensing Committee. Unless there are grounds to refuse the licence, for example the police objecting over concerns of an increase in anti social behaviour, then it may be difficult to stop.

Sadly the powers in the Act are not as strong as they should be.

Kind regards"

if there is a campaign it would have to be more about the anti-social behaviour it would create etc. With such a short time to do this in it seems impossible. I wonder how those in Sheffield managed to keep Hooters out?

ElephantsAndMiasmas Sat 07-Aug-10 11:19:27

Not sure, but there's some info here

and one comment includes an email address: notohooters@ googlemail. com

Object will probably want to help you if you contact them

There is a facebook group for the Sheffield no campaign if you're on there you could contact the admins.

blinder Sun 08-Aug-10 19:12:30

I live near Cardiff - I'll see if the Cardiff feminism group is aware of it (check feminista) and come back...

blinder Sun 08-Aug-10 19:18:11

I messaged these guys. I'll come back when they respond...

Bloody Hooters my arse.

cowboylover Mon 09-Aug-10 20:57:47

Hooters = Not good

But in Cardiff there are already plenty of strip clubs and more brothels than any other city I know so maybe more pressing issues.

Ilzette Tue 10-Aug-10 14:16:36

Hi Guys

I have read all your postings and the press furore over the Hooters opening in Cardiff.

Although I symapthise amazingly with the points of view expressed, I feel as I have visited the brand in the USA, that the comments are substantially way off the mark!

Can I just point out a few things that may help you in your deliberations.

Contrary to popular opinion Hooters is not a Lap dancing bar, porn shop or brothel.

Girls do occasionally dance, but this is no more than a cheerleader style pep dance and I have seen it only ever once. It is about as far away from sexy as you can get!

There is no pornography on sale and certainly not sex.

Let me tell you a small amount about some of the ladies that have worked there over the years. 300,000 alumni have gone through the Hooters business (thats a university graduate to you and I).

Currently Hooters actually employ over 17,000 waiting team many of them students and single mums some have been employed for 12-15 years.

The Company has a policy that rewards University Students (employed within the mother Company in the USA) and pays part of thier tuition dependant upon thier grade performance.

Many of the "Hooters Girls" are very attractive that is true. Hooters trains these ladies in how to behave with integrity and decorum, not how to prostitute themselves. The training they receive also creates an incredibly empowered group of proactive and positive women.

In fact it also teaches themn how to control situations that could be uncomfortable and how to difuse situations. It teaches them how to respect themselves and how valuable they are not only to themselves but to the wider community.

In 4 years one area of Hooters stores alone (8 stores) where responsible for approx half a million dollars of fundraising and charity work.

I am sure that in this day and age where we regularly see on programs like "Booze Briatain" young girls out of control drunk and throwing up on the street often in a state of undress that anyone trying to change the mindset that encourages this behaviour should be supported.

Any organisation that cares for and assists in the developement and empowerment of females in society should be applauded and not castigated.

just a sample of ex hooters girls,

Angela Mackay Kovach MD graduated Tulane University 1993 with a degree in cellular and molecular biology.

Robin Mullins 3rd Grade teacher and soccer mom

Monique Yeager Coporate executive graduated Auburn University

CaSandra Asmann Entrepreneur and Business Owner.
please feel free to look at the website below that will inform you of the work that goes on with the Hooters girls and how they are empowered.

I have to emphasise that i have included this information only so that you have a balanced view of Hooters, i am by no means trying to influence your debate in any way, i just feel that any debate should contain some facts not just hearsay fron ' the street'
It is so easy to be manipulated by the press wanting to sensationalise and create tabloid stories that sometimes these facts can go unrecognised. I wish you well in all your campaigns and look forwrd to reading more postings in the future.

ElephantsAndMiasmas Tue 10-Aug-10 15:11:02

Mm, thanks for that. I hope you won't feel insulted if mention that I couldn't care less that they employ students and single mums - who doesn't? I don't suppose they get more than the minimum wage, do they?

Why do they only employ girls? Isn't a bit discriminatory, keeping all those wonderful benefits for women only?

Now I feel churlish, they like feminism: "To Hooters, the women’s rights movement is important because it guarantees women have the right to choose their own careers, be it a Supreme Court Justice or Hooters Girl." link Why don't many feminists like them I wonder?

"it also teaches themn how to control situations that could be uncomfortable and how to difuse situations" - this made me laugh I'm afraid. So sweet of Hooters to teach their staff how to handle "situations". I was a waitress for many years and never, not ever did I have any sexual harrassment at work. If, however, I had worked in a theme restaurant that openly encouraged customers to view the staff as part of the menu, and even named the place after a part of my body, I think things might have been different.

blinder Tue 10-Aug-10 15:13:32

Too long, didn't read. I'm sure the staff are lovely. Just don't want them being objectified over my dinner when I'm out with my kids thanks. And the reason the waitresses are taught how to defuse difficult situations is because they are dressed to seem sexually available to the clientele. This marketing strategy attracts idiots.

Apparently, the Cardiff feminist group are going to demonstrate and embarrass customers when it opens.

I can't believe it's planned for St David's 2 which is a family centred arcade. It has fantastic baby facilities. I have emailed St David's to express my dismay.

blinder Tue 10-Aug-10 15:15:03

Sorry, my previous comments were meant for Ilzette

blinder Tue 10-Aug-10 15:18:58

Well I'm up for joining the demonstration. Anyone else?

I think St David's are the people to target anyway. They have a capitalist interest in making money. They either want mothers to shop in St David's or they don't.

vesuvia Tue 10-Aug-10 15:20:36

Wow, all that talk of "empowerment" - makes me quite dizzy. hmm

AnyFucker Tue 10-Aug-10 15:25:53


< splits sides >

blinder Tue 10-Aug-10 15:32:51

Today is the last day for licensing objections. I'm also emailing whose job it is to make sure that gender stereotyping doesn't happen in the councils name.

When I think 'empowerment' the first word that pops into my head is definitely 'hooters'. And 'baps' of course.

ElephantsAndMiasmas Tue 10-Aug-10 15:35:02

Have you posted in Chat or MN local highlighting for Cardiff residents?

vesuvia Tue 10-Aug-10 15:38:09

If "empowerment" actually meant "having influential executives on the board of directors of Hooters who had the confidence to revise their approach to business in a way that treated women better than they do currently" then I'd be less sceptical.

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