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Women's clothing

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sarah293 Sat 24-Jul-10 09:26:32

Message withdrawn

wastingaway Sat 24-Jul-10 09:47:51


rubyrubyruby Sat 24-Jul-10 09:50:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

upahill Sat 24-Jul-10 09:51:24

I'm with ruby!

themildmanneredjanitor Sat 24-Jul-10 09:52:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wastingaway Sat 24-Jul-10 10:05:32

But it's not usually an informed choice is it?

themildmanneredjanitor Sat 24-Jul-10 10:06:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Prolesworth Sat 24-Jul-10 10:09:44

Message withdrawn

Prolesworth Sat 24-Jul-10 10:12:05

Message withdrawn

wastingaway Sat 24-Jul-10 10:15:00

Exactly, I can't wear high heels without thinking about chinese foot binding, particularly a scene in Standard Operating Procedure when the man has sex with the womans 'lotus foot'. There is nothing practical about high heels, they change the shape of the entire body, and cause damage.

Just because a woman chooses to do something, doesn't make it a feminist action.

Particularly when those images in magazines act to make other women feel bad about themselves.

Prolesworth Sat 24-Jul-10 10:20:51

Message withdrawn

wukter Sat 24-Jul-10 10:27:15

It's certainly not a choice for a female movie star, it's basically her work uniform in a very looks-oriented industry.

Though a lot has been made of Tom Cruise's short stature over the years also.

AvrilHeytch Sat 24-Jul-10 10:31:27

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sat 24-Jul-10 10:49:18

Message withdrawn

fluffles Sat 24-Jul-10 10:55:25

i think it's a myth that the majority of women fall into the category of dressing like that... i'll admit it's what i see around town on a friday night but personally i work with many women who dress comfortably and sensibly and cycle or walk to work. my friends all fall into that category too and i work in a studenty area and for every young girl in 'silly' clothes i see one goth or in sports wear..

it's just the abundance of crappy magazines that make those who live for high heels the more visible in society, and because they are societies consumers.

those of us who don't consider shopping to be a leisure passtime are not represented in the media or marketing worlds but we do exist, i'd guess we're the silent majority.

sarah293 Sat 24-Jul-10 10:59:16

Message withdrawn

wukter Sat 24-Jul-10 11:07:04

Shopping as a leisure activity <shudder>

My sister loves it though, so once or twice a year I give her E100 to go to Primark for me and get me kitted out. Personal shopper without leaving the comfort of my own home!

sarah293 Sat 24-Jul-10 11:09:15

Message withdrawn

fluffles Sat 24-Jul-10 11:15:37

i don't mind going into town to get something when i feel i need something.. maybe once every two or three months.. i just don't get the pemanent browsing that magazines think we should enjoy.

when it comes to shoes i avoid 99% of womens shoe shops and go to clarks, camper, schuh which sell shoes that can actually be worn for walking and/or cycling.

but i'd honestly say that most of the women i know are the same.. i can think of maybe two people i know who do the whole 'fashion' thing... the rest of us are not slobs, we just dress to suit ourselves rather than fashion and make clothes last longer than 'a season'.

LadyBlaBlah Sat 24-Jul-10 11:16:26

I think it is all about sexual attraction - as someone has hinted at earlier

It boils down to the fact that women wear these clothes in order to be sexually attractive, in order to reproduce - and yes, men are part of this process - it is to attract mates/men

Culturally, this is our accepted/evolved form of sexual attraction. So feminist arguments that say do not wear these clothes because they are misogynist ideals are missing a very important point - women chose and need to be sexually attractive. Women have been active participants in reaching the levels of 'fashion' there are.

It will just never be a valid argument for young girls not to be involved in the norms of sexual attraction - what young girl choses to be sexually unattractive?

fluffles Sat 24-Jul-10 11:56:14

yet that can't the whole story as huge swathes of the population cop off with people they meet in the pub while wearing jeans and tshirts..

wukter Sat 24-Jul-10 12:04:16

Aha Fluffles - it's the pub. They're pissed wink

earwicga Sat 24-Jul-10 12:17:56

I've just had a google for the image talked about in the OP. The 'some actress' is Cameron Diaz who is pictured in a loose jumper dress on the red carpet and there is another piece with Diaz wearing jeans during her publicity campaign for Knight and Day.

Feminist Review gave the film the thumbs up

As for high heels - it is a choice. Diaz is highly unlikely to have to run down the red carpet and also didn't have to walk with bent knees a la Katie Holmes.

Prolesworth Sat 24-Jul-10 12:18:13

Message withdrawn

Sakura Sat 24-Jul-10 12:42:02

okay, slightly off topic, but nobody understand why I think Oliver James is ok. Affluenza is quite insightful. He calls women's magazines 'the devil's work'.

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