Stabbing/shooting pains in vagina

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RBJRita Mon 05-Apr-21 17:25:12

I know it’s probably nothing but over the last week I’ve had sharp shooting pains in my vagina everyday? Sometimes it doesn’t last very long but can go on for awhile.

A Google search brings up vulvodynia but doesn’t sound like that! I’m on the pill so can’t be ovulation pain

Anyone experienced similar or am I weird?😂

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hospitalappointment Mon 05-Apr-21 17:50:19

Had this a fortnight ago - like a sudden shooting pain - GP diagnosed some sort of infection after a swab . Antibiotics and a gel thing from the chemist has cleared it up .

VictoriaBun Mon 05-Apr-21 17:54:12

There were a few posts on this a few years ago, they were eventually known as ' fanny daggers " and some get it up the bum aka " javelin arse" .

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