Cervical ectropion

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Emzy12 Wed 31-Mar-21 14:44:31

Hi all just wondered if someone could help. I have cervical ectropion and have been told that cervical ectropion is benign and not linked to cervical cancer. However a few people have said cervical ectropion is a symptom of cervical cancer and if you get cervical cancer then the cervical cancer can cause cervical ectropion. But on the websites it says cervical ectropion is benign and nothing to do with cancer. Can someone help me?

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Milomonster Mon 05-Apr-21 12:05:37

Why have you started a second thread given the overwhelmingly consistent responses on your other one?

sunnydays80 Wed 07-Apr-21 22:44:48

I've got cervical ectropion . Never related it to cancer . Dr told me I had it 7 years ago . And it's still there as was noted at last smear . Results were normal .

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