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mummytoaprincess04 Tue 09-Mar-21 15:25:51

Wasn't really sure what topic this goes under but does anybody have any tips on going from brown to blonde at home ? Thank you

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PearlescentIridescent Tue 09-Mar-21 15:34:40

- watch Brad Mondo videos on Youtube

- lose as much hair as possible before bleaching, if you are willing to trim any

- Buy a LOT of bleach and for lengths go for the kits over jerome russell powder and developer as it is just too dry to stay active. If you want it to work you need to be saturating your hair so it looks like it's got a deep conditioning mask or something

- apply bleach for long enough and don't let it dry out. Develop by sight

- learn about toning, the colour wheel and the 1 - 10 levels of hair. Apply this knowledge to tone your hair with your goal shade in mind

- don't tone with permanent box dye

- invest in repair, protein, conditioning and toning products for aftercare

- be aware of the level of aftercare/upkeep with root regrowth

regret it and dye your hair back brunette wink

PearlescentIridescent Tue 09-Mar-21 15:38:41

Also for the sake of your hair if you are quite a light brown I would consider going for professional bleach powder and developer so you can choose the developer volume. Good luck smile

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