Delayed period low estrogen/fsh

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Ginqueen20 Tue 09-Mar-21 10:09:08

I have pcos but my periods have usually always been around 5 weeks apart. My lmp was 27th jan but it was spotting for 3 days which isn’t usual for me. I had ovulated that month. I haven’t ovulated this cycle and there isn’t any sign of my period coming. Definitely not pregnant. Can anyone recommend something to bring my period on?
I was taking Angus castus and inositol in December and January. I’m not sure if they have caused the problems or not.
I looked up my symptoms online and it basically said I have low oestrogen which can be a sign of menopause but I’m early 30s. I used a fertility test I bought online which was faint positive for low oestrogen. Can anyone give me any advice about this please as I’m scared I won’t be able to conceive. Can it correct itself or do I need medication?

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