Chlamydia diagnosis, feeling grim

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Doingitaloneandproud Thu 25-Feb-21 15:27:58

Hi all,
I'm feeling absolutely horrible at the moment, my relationship ended last year and I then found out what he does, (has fake relationships for a period of time then disappears on to the next). Anyway I didn't think at the time to do a STI check, because apparently I'm an idiot, and we were using condoms bar one accident when he tried to get in without putting one on.
I did an home test and just got the results, negative for everything bar Chlamydia. I'm just feeling really rubbish today, I haven't had any symptoms they describe albeit I had pelvic pain a few months ago (can be crippling a few times a day varying to a few times a fortnight). But the doctor said not to worry about that and it was just constipation.
I've asked for treatment and it's coming next day, but has anyone had it and got rid of it completely, did you retest after treatment?

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Em3189 Thu 25-Feb-21 16:07:55

Firstly, thank god you’re out of that relationship. You’ll find someone who deserves you.
Secondly, they give you a course of antibiotics (doxycycline) and that clears it up. They don’t retest after you’ve finished the course. But depending on where you live, you can order a home kit for free and test yourself. X

Doingitaloneandproud Fri 26-Feb-21 10:44:17

Thank you so much, I had a break yesterday and spent time with my child which made me feel so much better. I've also thanked god it wasn't anything worse. And I'm definitely grateful I'm no longer in that relationship! I've got the tablets and started on them this morning, I'll buy a retest after I've finished them I think just to make sure.
Thanks so much x

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