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Inastatus Fri 19-Feb-21 15:22:08

I just wanted to gather some opinions on what you think about my situation please. I’ve just had a letter saying I’m due a smear test. I’m 56 and been married to DH for 21 years. I’ve had every single smear test offered in the past and thankfully have never had any issues with any of them. I’m just wondering if I really need to keep having them?

I’ve had every other test/screening procedure going over the years so never been one to shy away from them but for some reason I am really reluctant this time around and feels it’s a bit OTT in my situation. Happy to be told otherwise and interested to hear your opinions.

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Spied Fri 19-Feb-21 15:25:01

I've been with my partner nearly as long as you've been with yours.
Completely monogamous.
Last smear was abnormal and I've been diagnosed hpv+ plus Cin 1.
All previous smears were normal.

DanniF02 Fri 19-Feb-21 15:27:24

@Inastatus I would definitely still go, my gran has always said how a smear test saved her life at around 52 (I think) years of age. This was her way of reinforcing how Important they were when I received my first letter about mine.

Inastatus Fri 19-Feb-21 16:04:05

Well thank you both. That’s stopped me being complacent and has motivated me into action. I’ll get myself booked in.

@spied - sorry to hear that. I hope you are ok flowers

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user141635812632 Fri 19-Feb-21 16:10:00

Are you in an area where they test for hpv first and only actually look at your sample if you are hpv positive?

Because if so I would consider just doing a hpv test and only going for a smear if it's positive.

Otherwise if you are hpv negative you've put yourself through an invasive examination just to have them put the sample in the bin without looking at it.

Ultimately only you can weigh up the risks and benefits.

user141635812632 Fri 19-Feb-21 16:13:44

Um, CIN 1 means the cells are unlikely to become cancerous and may go away on their own.

NHS website says that. Macmillan website says that.

One of the risks of screening is receiving unnecessary interventions...

CIN 1 is not cancer.

Inastatus Fri 19-Feb-21 16:17:22

@user141635812632 - I’m not sure what happens in my area regarding HPV testing.

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Ihopeyourcakeisshit Fri 19-Feb-21 16:18:13

How do you know if you are in an HPV only testing area?
Do you just ask when you get a letter or can you find out in advance?

user141635812632 Fri 19-Feb-21 16:24:31

Hmm, looks like it's actually been rolled out as a national protocol now.

So if you're HPV negative your sample of cells goes in the bin without being looked at.


Inastatus Fri 19-Feb-21 17:11:48

@user141635812632 - thanks for looking that up. I’ve just looked at hpv tests but they are quite expensive - around £50. I think I’ll just go ahead with the smear.

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Spied Fri 19-Feb-21 17:24:36


The reason I mentioned my long-term monogamous relationship is because this indicates my hpv infection isn't transient.
My body has not suddenly encountered this virus and is fighting it off ( within 1-2 years on average). It's more likely this virus has been in my body a long time and is unable to clear it hence the cell changes it's caused over time.
Hpv wasn't tested for on my 2017 sample. There were no cell changes at that time however the hpv must have been there.
I'm hoping my body suddenly fights of this virus and the cell changes 'go away on their own'. Sadly, I'm not filled with confidence.

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