In hospital - should I stay in?

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Rangoon Thu 18-Feb-21 07:22:18

Stay - nothing like settling down to a nicely cooked dinner with a glass of wine followed by a little light reading or television watching before having a nice long sleep. You're worth it! You're not depriving the NHS - as a foreigner I just can't understand why English people have to have a limb practically amputated before "bothering" the doctor. I still remember the relief of staying for an extra night in a private hospital after what was often day surgery. I was having a hernia repair and one of my friends who went on the NHS for her hernia repair told me about people fainting just before they were discharged from hospital and how she herself being a bit confused and dozy managed to mix up her tablets and managed to put herself in a state of paralysis for what seemed to her to be a very long time.

DeadHeadedDaisy Thu 18-Feb-21 07:08:52

Definitely stay. Your husband has possibly paid tax on your health insurance and maybe contributions too. Aside from that, you're feeling weak and you're in the best place should you need help (rather than having to go to A&E)

AlwaysColdHands Thu 18-Feb-21 07:03:21

flowers Stay - that way you’re in the right place just in case

PurBal Thu 18-Feb-21 06:59:21

I'd stay too.

Groovee Thu 18-Feb-21 06:54:26

I'd stay and ensure you are well enough to go home.

jumpjackflash Thu 18-Feb-21 06:41:41

In a private hospital after a laparoscopic hysterectomy on Tuesday (my husband has BUPA with his job). The op went well but I am feeling weak and sore and fainted yesterday in the bathroom. I think the hospital are keen for me to get home today but my family want me to stay in until I feel a bit better. BUPA have authorised three nights so I could stay - just don’t want to be a nuisance and making a fuss (SO bloody British!) I might feel better at home so not sure what to do. Shall I stay an extra day?

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