Period 10/11 days early. Errr excuse me, what?

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Whizz47 Tue 16-Feb-21 19:49:44

Hi all!

I’ve had a very weird month and am hoping the lovely people of mumsnet could share some advice. I usually have regular periods every 28 days. I get some spotting due to a cervical erosion/ectropian, but it’s minor, second half of my cycle and brown (sorry if TMI). Well this past month my body has decided to just go nuts. My period was 4 days late - starting on the 26th Jan instead of the 22nd. It started normally but after one day had almost completely stopped and then just brown spotting for about a week. I just thought it was a weird one off and went about my business. My next period should have been due next Thursday (25th) but it arrived stupidly early yesterday. It was a proper bleed, but again, seems to have calmed down today. I did take a pregnancy test at the beginning of February and BFN as expected.

Sorry, this feels like a rambling post, but if anyone can help or has been in the same position, I would love to hear from you!

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Skyliner001 Tue 16-Feb-21 19:58:36

Yes I hear you, my periods have gone completely crazy in the last 12 months! They can be early, late, or not come at all! You are not alone!

Whizz47 Tue 16-Feb-21 20:38:25

Sorry to hear you’re dealing with menstruation madness too @Skyliner001! Are you having any investigations done?

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Arcadia Tue 16-Feb-21 21:01:13

How old are you @Whizz47? I had a funny one like that but has now gone back to normal. I am 47 and putting it down to peri menopause

Whizz47 Tue 16-Feb-21 21:45:32

Hi @Arcadia! I’m 30 (just). I was really hoping the bleeding yesterday would become a full blown period and reset my body a bit. So far it isn’t looking that way, but hopefully soon 🤞🏼

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