Periods irregular - this isn't normal is it?

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DunravenBadger Tue 16-Feb-21 12:46:25

I feel like mine are a bit all over the place but tbh I don't know what anyone else's are like. Before I had the mirena they varied from 21 to 39 days.

When I had the mirena put in I had no bleeding for the first year and now have light bleeding (more like old blood type stuff) for a couple of days with anywhere between 19 days and 57 days between each "period".

I'm worried when I have the mirena out and start TTC later this year my periods will still be all over the place. This isn't normal is it?

I had an ultrasound a while ago as I couldn't find my mirena strings. When they checked for it (and found it, thankfully), the sonographer said I had "nice" ovaries - so I'm guessing no cysts or anything right? Which means it's probably not PCOS?

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JinglingHellsBells Tue 16-Feb-21 13:57:01

Have a read up on the Mirena.

Many women have no periods on it- the hormones in it stop that. Sometimes women have very light periods or ones far apart.

Did your Dr not explain when it was fitted?

Whatever you have now is normal for the Mirena.

Subordinateclause Tue 16-Feb-21 14:00:30

I always had incredibly irregular periods, including 60 day+ cycles when I came off the pill to conceive. Both times I tried for a baby I was pregnant within 2 cycles. No underlying cause for irregularity as far as I know, just one of those things.

DunravenBadger Tue 16-Feb-21 14:11:41

@JinglingHellsBells I didn't mean irregular in terms of the mirena. I meant the fact before the mirena it was 21 to 39 day cycles.

That's reassuring @Subordinateclause. Thank you for sharing smile Were you tracking or anything when you conceived?

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DunravenBadger Tue 16-Feb-21 14:12:58

Sorry the OP wasn't very clear. My concern is the irregularity before I had the mirena, they were also really light before the mirena too. The info re being on the mirena was more just for reference. I'm worried they'll go back to how irregular they were before the mirena once I have it out.

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Skyliner001 Tue 16-Feb-21 17:41:58

Mine are crazy at the moment, sometimes I miss them, sometimes they come to early, sometimes they come to you late, I am 39! But yes they seem to have gone bonkers for the last three years, it's not an uncommon thing.

Subordinateclause Wed 17-Feb-21 02:06:18

I was trying to track but both times conceived at a completely different point in my cycle to when I thought I was ovulating. Having sex every other day for most of the month is what did it I think. I'm still quite shocked now at how easy we found it but I think my sisters and mum also conceived quite easily so that might be worth finding out about if you have a sister.

Skyliner001 Wed 17-Feb-21 08:02:00

No, all of the times have coincided with really severe stress, which I think is most likely the cause.

DunravenBadger Wed 17-Feb-21 08:08:21

Thanks! My sister conceived both times first month. No idea how long it took my Mum, we don't really have that sort of relationship where I can ask her. Do you think there is a link with how easy our family find it and how easily we will find it? Is it normal to worry about it before / whilst trying?

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TheTeenageYears Wed 17-Feb-21 22:23:17

You can have the syndrome without having PCO so I wouldn't completely discount PCOS from the lack of cysts at the scan.

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