13 weeks pregnant with chronic UTI - struggling with symptoms

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Wireless77 Fri 12-Feb-21 11:48:06

Hi, is there anyone here who suffers from a chronic UTI and is pregnant? I'm 13 weeks pregnant, my bladder health is being monitored by Professor Malone-Lee's team. My very recent urine test actually showed decreasing inflammation markers and I'm on a hefty dose of antibiotics. However, I've been struggling with symptoms. My 12 week scan was a couple of days ago and the baby is fine. I do have 3 tiny cysts on my left ovary, the biggest is 3.6cm that seem to cause some pain and discomfort too, but most of it feels bladder related, especially when I lie down on my back. I feel pressure on bladder, somewhat stretching feeling, discomfort and have to turn on my side as it's too uncomfortable. When lying on my side I constantly feel the need to go. Since everything has been checked out, I've been told it's my bladder struggling with the pregnancy and there is not much that can be done. Anyone with similar experience, how do you manage?

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