Anybody on Dienogest/Zalkya/Visanne?

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willow2018 Tue 09-Feb-21 17:18:10

I've been on Dienogest for 1 month to treat my endometriosis. Had laparoscopy surgery to remove my stage 4 DIE :-( Dr told me to take the medicine until my menopause. I'm 40 but no children. don't think I will have children anymore...My biggest problem is after the surgery I still have pelvic pain. Dr said it was because my endos growing back. I feel pain everyday especially at night even I'm on Dienogest. I thought the pain would have gone by taking the medicine. My pain is moving from somewhere near my groin to somewhere near my belly button. I also pain uncomfortable when peeing. Guess there's something wrong with my bladder..
Has anyone tried this medicine that has worked well for them?

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