Progesterone pill desorex.. pregnant??

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Kel9 Tue 09-Feb-21 10:46:43

Honestly this pill drives me nuts!

I’ve been on desorex for a year but had a break a few months ago then back on it again. I get a period every month and had one this month.

However this week I’m feeling nakered and I’ve had period like cramps. Today I feel nauseous.... had a period so thought it’s maybe just a bug.

I’ve got a boy already and we are clearly not trying. Has anyone used this pill and got pregnant! Your suppose to have a 12 hour window!!

I missed a pill last month but had a period... I have also been spotting.

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Mrsserenalewis Tue 09-Feb-21 15:52:16

Yes currently 6weeks pregnant. I was on the pill so was a huge shock.

I would say test if unsure. Best way to put the mind to rest x

Kel9 Tue 09-Feb-21 16:56:03

How did you find out? X

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Mrsserenalewis Tue 09-Feb-21 17:20:36

I took the clear blue week indicator test as it can tell from 1-2 week after conception.

My breast were sore. I spotted them stop thinking I’ll have my bleed but didn’t come x

Kel9 Tue 09-Feb-21 17:40:25

I think I’ll see how I feel tomorrow if this continues I’ll do a test. Either that or it’s the pill it maybe doesn’t agree with me!! My lower back is sore today and feel meh 😑 fml x

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Butterflyqueen1984 Mon 08-Mar-21 22:57:58

Did you test? Interested to know your results. I’ve just posted something similar I don’t get periods each month as the pill stops them but my lower back is killing me (first sign when I was pregnant with my 1st). I started this pill in August and now I think I’m gonna have to test!

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