Menstrual cup vs period pants

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rachll Sat 06-Feb-21 18:30:37

I'm looking to make a more environmentally friendly choice than pads and tampons but I'm undecided between period pants or a menstrual cup.

My flow is light to medium and I don't like the "wet" feeling of a pad. So, please can I have some advice from experienced users - do period pants feel wet or are they good at sucking everything up? Are menstrual cups akin to a tampon in that you can't feel them once in correctly?

I know everyone is different, but some general anecdotal advice would be great and I can't find any posts comparing the 2 methods. Thanks in advance.

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DustyVenetian Sat 06-Feb-21 18:54:35

I'd say cup- I have both.

You will get a slight wet feeling with the pants.

With a med/ light flow you will get 10-12 hours wear out of cup. Happy days!

DustyVenetian Sat 06-Feb-21 18:55:07

Also a whole lot quicker to clean!

Jasperjosephjulian Sat 06-Feb-21 18:58:52

I havent tired the pants but the cup is great once you get the hang of inserting it and removing it. You can't feel it once it's in, and it means no smell, no wetness and absolutely nothing to make you feel like you're on your period except your own body. Very easy to clean.

DustyVenetian Sat 06-Feb-21 18:59:52

Also I think it shortens my period a little. Possible due to slight suction...

BertieBotts Sat 06-Feb-21 19:00:15

Not tried pants - don't like the idea of wearing them all day or changing then during the day.

I can't feel my cup once it's in, I can normally feel a tampon.

rachll Sun 07-Feb-21 10:57:43

Thanks for the advice so far- it sounds like a menstrual cup might be the way to go. Any more advice gratefully received!

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