Leukocytes in discharge, no infection

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Red2031 Tue 02-Feb-21 17:46:32

Hi all,

So Im 27 weeks pregnant and went to docs to check if I had a UTI, had all the symptoms, burning, itching and constant need to pee (pregnancy normality). I have also had a LOT of discharge, varying from thick to thin, yellow to white and often watery so it feels like ive wet myself. Ive been tested for BV and thrush and come back negative for them as well as a UTI. I def have leukocytes in my discharge as confirmed by nurse but docs seem to have no idea and unwilling to test further. Has anyone had something like this before?

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Wireless77 Tue 02-Feb-21 21:22:53

Do you mean leukocytes in your urine? It does sound like an UTI. Can you discuss further with your GP perhaps?

Milomonster Tue 02-Feb-21 22:12:57

To be safe, get tested for Strep B.

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