How to word a thread about incontinence without being labelled a troll or attracting weirdos?

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smoothchange Sat 30-Jan-21 12:11:50

Please if you do think I am a troll ask MNHQ to check, I am a regular name changer who has been around for years. I haven't name changed for this thread though.

If you are a weirdo who gets off on stories about piss, it's not as attractive as you are imagining so you may as well leave now.

On to the issue. I have been dribbling after a pee for a while now. It started about a year ago when I noticed a tiny bit of wee come out when I stood after peeing. I started to stand then sit to wipe again and that seemed to be ok. Over the course of the next few months it got a bit worse, I am now using liner pads designed for this, and when I pee i double wipe then stand with a leg up on the loo so I can use a wet wipe to freshen up. I then have to clean my bathroom floor because I lose a few drops at that stage too.

I'm fat, I know I need to lose weight but I'm not here to ask about that.

I'm more interested in advice on which pads are best and if anyone else has had this kind of issue and found a resolution.

I haven't contacted my GP because for some unknown reason we are still not allowed to book appointments. It's all 'phone on the day if it's urgent' - all routine appointments have been done away with for the time being. I also have an issue with privacy as the GP calls back and I am in a house with 4 other people who I would rather didn't hear the discussion!!

I will call the GP, I'm not saying I won't, I just haven't done it yet and am curious as to possible outcomes'

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scaevola Sat 30-Jan-21 14:06:48

Persist with calling the GP. It sounds as if you need a referral to a specialist physiological.

In the meantime, google 'pelvic floor exercises' and get started

scaevola Sat 30-Jan-21 14:07:47

*physiotherapist (sorry, keyboard getting the bit between its teeth)

smoothchange Sat 30-Jan-21 14:29:40

Oh wow, I hadn't even considered physiotherapy for this!! Thank you!

I am doing the pelvic floor exercises, have done for years!!

Also forgot to add me age in the OP, I'm mid 40s blush

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percheron67 Sat 30-Jan-21 14:52:05

Asking really - can pelvic floor exercises help when some control has already gone?

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sat 30-Jan-21 14:54:40

Proper women’s physio can absolutely help. You need to be checked because depending on the problem basic pelvic floor exercises may not be right for you, but the physio will advise.

Maybemay123 Sat 30-Jan-21 15:02:22

I saw a continence nurse years ago after dc1 but before dc2&3 and used a combination of a pelvic floor stimulating machine and some medication which both helped. All went to pot after dc2&3 though.
Pad wise mine are bigger than a liner. I currently use tesco as get them delivered (about £1.50 for a pack of 10) and are much cheaper than tena.
The best ones I found were from home bargains (can't remember brand) however since the pandemic it seems a non essential trip when I can get something with my shopping.
Definitely I would speak to your gp - I've recently arranged a phone call then went for a drive and spoke to them in the car for privacy.

CaraDuneRedux Sat 30-Jan-21 15:05:38

I was about to ask your age. You're a bit on the young side but typically pelvic floor muscles do atrophy during menopause. Topical oestrogen may be worth a try.

And loads and loads of pelvic floor exercises.

Mary8076 Sat 30-Jan-21 20:31:32

You need to call the GP as soon as possible because the causes can be different and only a medical check can say which one is yours. Some big change in your life recently?
Then I agree kegels/floor exercises are very useful but you should be sure you are making them correctly... otherwise they could be even counter-productive. A specialized physiotherapist can give you a big help.
It's plenty of pads and there's not a best one for all, everyone has different needs, body shape and preferences. Buy and try several brands or ask online for samples. Generally speaking, comparing the size the most well-known brands are more absorbent but not always the most comfortable, someone is thin but seems like a piece of cardboard!

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