Sharp pains 2 years post C section

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curlyrebel Sun 24-Jan-21 23:07:12

I had a C-section nearly 2 years ago. I had the usual numbness for quite a few months after. But the last few months I've been getting sharp pains and cramps in my tummy. Usually this is when I've bent over too fast.

It doesn't come from where the scar is itself so I'm not sure if it is related to the C-section. I've been putting off speaking to my GP about it. Has anyone had similar experiences or know if it could be related?

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noblegreenk Sun 24-Jan-21 23:43:31

It depends how bad the pain is.

I had a c section just over 2 years ago and I still get some pain and discomfort from time to time. It's usually when I've exerted my self too much or if I wear something which presses on my scar (hipster briefs). It's normally more of a dull ache but it has been sharper on occasion. I personally don't worry about it as I didn't have any complications and my scar healed well/is neat.

Did you experience any post surgery complications?

itwillbehormones Mon 25-Jan-21 00:06:38

Keep track of when the pains are in your cycle, and read up on c-section endometriosis. It's takes years for any endometriosis to be diagnosed and it's a low chance, but worth you being aware of what it is so you can self advocate.

Hope you are ok, any pelvic pain can be exhausting and worrying.

curlyrebel Mon 25-Jan-21 12:31:51

@noblegreenk I went back in for an infection but it wasn't related to my scar. Yes it's similar for me in exerting myself, but even moving too quickly can bring it on! The pain is occasional but can be quite intense.
Thanks @itwillbehormones. I don't think it's related to my cycle...I'm not even getting periods right now (presuming it's my contraception). I'll look into the c-section endometriosis. Doesn't sound like there's much a doctor can do at the moment? There's a worry at the back of my mind that it's not related and it could be something else but hopefully it's not.

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