Repeat invite letter for smear

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doireallyneedaname Fri 22-Jan-21 13:39:45

Hi All

Had a smear in November which came back as inadequate, GP said it looks like the sample was damaged or lost. I was told I couldn’t have another until Feb as the cells need to regrow; and that is the cervical screening team would write to me directly.

I’ve had a letter come through dated 18/01 inviting me for a smear, no reference to the previous one - just a generic letter asking me to book an appointment. Obviously this is a month early based on what I was told at the time.

I want to have it done but the GP told me that the lab simply disposed of the tests if it “isn’t the right time for it” which is why they can’t just do one randomly, so I don’t want to have this one for it to be disposed to them have to wait another 3 months for the cells to regrow.

Anyone in the know about this?

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Heybeendyingtomeetyou Fri 22-Jan-21 13:43:48

It’s just the invite, don’t worry, they aren’t saying to have it done tomorrow. Just phone next week and request a date that would be the 3 months time, our nurses are booked up for 6 weeks in advance at the moment so it may be there will be a wait.

user1174147897 Fri 22-Jan-21 13:45:53

So just book an appointment that meets the timeline? I don't understand the problem.

Lilac95 Fri 22-Jan-21 13:48:26

Well you’ve booked appointment before and know you have a wait or can even pick a date that suits, they’re not exactly going to book you in tomorrow. The system would only send you a letter when needed, they know they need to call you back in and so the letters been sent now in anticipation for a booking in feb or later

doireallyneedaname Fri 22-Jan-21 13:48:54

The issue is that naturally i was a little concerned when the result came back as inadequate, and having to then wait another 3 months for another one made me feel worse.

I’d like to have it done ASAP and my surgery could fit me in this week, but I am concerned that the screening team would dispose of the sample as it’s not been 3 months - even though the letter did not mention the 3 months and simply asked me to book an appointment.

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Heybeendyingtomeetyou Fri 22-Jan-21 13:55:02

The letters are just general booking invites, they don’t take into account each individual situation.
Book for the 3 months as instructed by the GP.

doireallyneedaname Fri 22-Jan-21 13:57:20

Thank you, I’ll do that.

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