The pill - where can I get it now!

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heatered Wed 20-Jan-21 19:50:53

I've been taking desogesterol for 10years plus. I take it continuously to mainly prevent the horrific migraine I get before and after my period. I've just realised I took my last one this morning!!!! I've reordered via my gp app but can't get them until 26th by then things will be in full flow literally and I will have lost days with a migraine. They receptionists are brutally tough at my surgery so I reckon it would be near impossible to get my tablets any sooner.

Any ideas about where I can get some ASAP? Can I buy them somewhere?

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Yubaba Wed 20-Jan-21 19:52:30

You could ask your regular pharmacy for an emergency supply.

Meredithgrey1 Wed 20-Jan-21 19:54:51

You can order some contraceptive pills online at Superdrug. Not sure on their delivery times but you could see if pick up from the pharmacy tomorrow?

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