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changingusernamecosofthis Thu 14-Jan-21 17:59:36

Has anyone approached their gp for a reduction within the last few years? Any success? Or advice they gave you if they wouldn't refer you for to a consultant?

I'm in the NE if relevant

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KihoBebiluPute Wed 20-Jan-21 05:39:40

I am sorry you haven't had any replies yet. I didn't respond when I first saw this thread as I have nothing to advise, but I have always disliked having large breasts and would be very keen for a reduction if I had the money and could be sufficiently reassured about probabilities of all going well. I am sure there are people on MM who have experience who just haven't seen this thread yet.

KihoBebiluPute Wed 20-Jan-21 10:03:21

MM = MN typo

I think that anecdotally you have to have significant evidence of serious issues like backache and neck pain from the size of the breasts, or skin conditions in the folds etc, or significant psychological issues, to have it funded by the NHS. If you have these issues then you should be seeing the GP about them already to establish whether there is anything short of surgery that can help, because they will have to have a history of you having these kinds of issues before they can consider you for referral. If you aren't having issues like this then it's cosmetic and you'll need to save up.

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