Brown discharge for a month

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ChasingTheMoon Mon 11-Jan-21 22:33:04

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can help me.
I came off the pill in April and was diagnosed with pcos in august.
Between august and November I had a couple of regularish cycles, 32-34 days.
Then in early December I started having brown discharge on day 28 of my cycle.
It’s there when I wipe and sometimes in my underwear (not enough to fill a pad, but enough to be noticeable).

It’s now been 34 days of this every single day, has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you

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ExTeacherNowJustMom Wed 13-Jan-21 15:20:55

It’s probably linked to your pcos and your progesterone levels. While you were on the pill, your hormones would have been regulated so that’s why you’re only getting it now. I used to always have 4/5 days of brown bleeding before my period arrived in the few years after stopping the pill. After I had my ds, it improved. I’m now getting brown spotting a lot as I’ve had the mirena coil fitted, which has progesterone in it. Best thing I can suggest is to keep a record of your cycles and any inbetween spotting, as you will need this if you get referred at some point (if it continues).

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