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AnxiousFTM Sun 10-Jan-21 14:39:20

After having my daughter 16 months ago (forceps, 3rd degree tear) I was diagnosed with a mild bladder prolapse and referred to see a NHS womens health physio. She wasn’t overly helpful and just checked I was doing my Kegals correctly, when things didn’t start feeling better after about 3 or 4 sessions she referred me back to my GP.
For the past 13 weeks I’ve been using a Kegal8 machine but can’t feel much improvement. I still feel the dragging sensation and also like the scar is pulling whenever I bend forwards and back up again.
I’m wondering if its worth paying to see a private womens health physio who might be more helpful or if I should just accept that feeling uncomfortable on a daily basis is my new normal? I want to get back to enjoying my life (including a normal sex life) rather than obsessing over how horrible I feel down there sad
Has anyone any experience of this. Thanks x

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