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Jessie40 Sat 09-Jan-21 00:15:08

Evening I'm due to start taking tamoxifen tomorrow and was just wondering how other people have found this medication. Ive read up a little but it seems to talk about blood clots, weight gain and depression.
Also should it be taken with food/without? Also does it have to be taken exactly at the same time of day?
Any help would be great x

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BackforGood Sat 09-Jan-21 00:22:37

I think all medications - if you start reading the "possible" list - come with a list of "possible" side effects.
I can only report, anecdotally that neither were an issue for me.

I have gained weight in the last 10 year, but most of it has been in lockdown nearly 4 years after finishing my 5 years on Tamoxifen that could well be down to a combination of menopause and - crucially - changing jobs for one where I sit down for most of the day and rarely do any exercise, plus, eating a lot more chocolate and sweets than I ever used to.

It's 9 years since I started, and just over 4 since I finished, so I wouldn't want to rely on my memory about how important it is to take with food, or at the same time - from memory I think the same time is advised same s any daily medication, but you'd be better checking on the prescription.

daysofpearlyspencer Sat 09-Jan-21 00:34:20

Hot flushes, especially at night. I took it for 5 years and they stopped 3 days after i stopped taking it

Langpants Sat 09-Jan-21 03:33:55

Hey. Didn't want to just scroll past. I took it for 2 years before having a baby. At first my body felt sore and heavy but I got used to it. I just wanted to recommend the Facebook (private) group - Tamoxifen support group. It's got a Banksy type group photo. It's been invaluable to me. You'll find much better support there as there are over 10k members. Good luck. x

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