Can ovarian cyst cause period problems

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heyyyduggee Fri 08-Jan-21 22:00:11

I have always had regular periods, like clockwork every 28 days lasting 3 days. I'm not on any contraception (but also not pregnant- husband has had vasectomy) and haven't been for over 7 years.
I had an abdominal ultrasound for another issue (right side back pain for 3 months- ultrasound clear and have been referred for CT)
However, an incidental finding was a couple of cysts on my right ovary which they have said would not be causing the back pain.
My last period was 27th Nov ( and this was 11 days later than normal) I then bled for 5 days 13th dec immediately following painful sex. So I'm now on cycle day 42 with no sign and I just don't understand what is going on! Could the random cysts cause these issues?
I have 2 kids and have gone back to my normal periods after each one (youngest is 2 years old)

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