Mass in my uterus

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radiateforme Thu 31-Dec-20 22:02:55

Went for an ultrasound today. Irregular bleeding and pain + tiredness. Found a mass in my uterus. Been referred for urgent appt within 2 weeks under cancer pathway. Not sure what I'm writing this for. Could be nothing but I am quite scared... Mental health already suffering. Now this. Can anyone offer any advice or words of wisdom?

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sproutsandparsnips Thu 31-Dec-20 22:30:14

Sorry to hear this op, no advice I'm afraid, but thanks for you, and chin up. You don't know what it is and could be easily treatable.

NoMoreFlowers Fri 01-Jan-21 15:23:25

I had the same and it turned out to be a massive fibroid. Waiting for the results was the worst bit. I hope you get some good news soon

HUGS65 Sat 02-Jan-21 23:07:38

Fingers crossed for you. Hopefully it will be fine xx

percheron67 Sat 02-Jan-21 23:43:54

I had some discomfort and was given a scan. It was an ovarian cyst and removed. Nothing sinister. Thinking of you.

Lavendersquare Sun 03-Jan-21 00:19:24

I had this 2 years ago, turned out to be a fibroid. Such a worrying time , but chances are yours will be non cancerous, but they have to treat you quickly just in case.

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