Indent line on breast

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Thisyearcandoone Wed 30-Dec-20 21:43:49

I've noticed a line, maybe three or four inches long on my left breast. Has been there since before Xmas. Tried to make an appointment with GP online as surgery was closed, no appointments available. Filled in online form, had a response saying someone would ring by 6.30 today. They haven't.
I'll ring them tomorrow to try and get an appointment, but I'm annoyed there doesn't seem to a provision for cases like this. There are other issues besides covid still going on.
I haven't googled what the dent on the breast could be as it scares the shit out of me! But I'm worried, have been all over Xmas sad

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FippertyGibbett Thu 31-Dec-20 16:59:21

Have you heard from them ?

MrsPnut Thu 31-Dec-20 17:01:18

Does the breast tissue feel different on one side of the dent than the other?
I'd try to call from Monday morning onwards asking for a referral to the breast clinic if you haven't heard from them.

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