Vomiting with shoulder pain

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user1474905833 Mon 28-Dec-20 03:40:41

Ever since I gave birth 3 years ago I've had a strange upper back/ shoulder pain that comes randomly and has become so sever it now causes me to vomit.
The uncomfortable pain started immediately after the birth of my 1st son but became worse after my second son who was born in April this year (2020). I never experience it during pregnancy.
I have noticed it starts gradually over the course of a few days and builds to a crescendo of me vomiting in the night. I notice that I feel very bloated - as if my metabolism has stopped completely - in the few hours leading up to it. It wakes me up in the night and I toss and turn trying to stretch it out but nothing eases it. It feels as if I am being squeezed all around my bra area it hurts at the front and back all through my breasts and my shoulder blades. I initially thought that it was a monthly occurrence but I've been recording it and I can go for two or three months with nothing and other times I get two bouts of in in a fortnight.
I usually have a very high pain threshold - I gave birth to my first son with just gas and air and had no pain relief at all with my second son. I often say to my partner that the back pains are more uncomfortable than being in labour (albeit early labour) so I would definitely describe the pains as strong. I find myself wriggling and writhing in bed.
When I was younger I suffered with very bad period pains that would have the same effect on me - I would writhe around in pain until I would vomit but those pains were period pains - in my lower tummy.
The pains I am experiencing now are high in my shoulders and across my chest.
I have considered endometriosis but thought that would happen in a monthly cycle?
I have considered a migraine with differed pain.
I have also wondered if it could be the MS hug - my sister is diagnosed with MS but I didn't think it was hereditary?
I have even considered that it could be psychological maybe?
Does anyone else experience this? Any help would be appreciated!

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gamerchick Mon 28-Dec-20 03:41:41

Gallstones. Ask your GP for a scan.

stopchewingeverything Mon 28-Dec-20 04:03:59

I second this... talk to your GP about Gallstones.

shamalidacdak Mon 28-Dec-20 04:05:23

Sounds like a gallbladder attack

needsahouseboy Mon 28-Dec-20 04:11:41

Yep gallstones

Schehezarade Mon 28-Dec-20 04:12:25

I have had a pain in my left ribs (not really what you are suffering but a place you don't expect random pain) on and off for years. Think I first mentioned it to my doc in 2018 - I do yoga but not too seriously. I was attempting the camel posture, kneeling, hands behind on heels but facing forward. Something sort of pulled on my left side and I haven't had the pain since. Try some stretching exercises every other day for a week or two, see if it helps.
You will be doing a lot of leaning forward and lifting/holding which could be affecting shoulder region.
You could read Healing back pain by John Sarno to check if it might by psychosomatic. Or his Mindbody Prescription book, cured my 20 year back problem !

ButterMeUpScotty Mon 28-Dec-20 04:15:12

Also sounds like gallbladder attack to me. Do you notice if it occurs after eating rich food or not eating enough? The bloated feeling of your metabolism not working is what makes me think it could be that.

Whattheao Mon 28-Dec-20 05:21:50

I've read enough mumsnet to say gallbladder! Is it orange vomit?

TheLifeAndDeathBrigade Mon 28-Dec-20 05:37:38

Definitely sounds like gallstones. I'm having my gallbladder out in a few days all being well. See GP and in the meantime if you develop a temperature during an attack seek medical advice as they can become infected and turn nasty pretty quickly.

TheSilentStars Mon 28-Dec-20 15:38:46

Right side?
Definitely gallstones.

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