Breast Lump/Dimpling or stretch mark

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HearMeSnore Wed 23-Dec-20 10:14:42

It's never a waste of time. If you have any doubts at all - get checked over. Even if there's nothing there, it'll put your mind at rest and help you get a sense of what's normal for you. Then in the future if anything different appears you'll be more likely to spot it and act quickly.

formulaquestion Wed 23-Dec-20 10:11:04

You are doing the right thing by seeing your doctor. Hope you have a positive outcome

Girlmama117 Wed 23-Dec-20 10:08:41

Hi moms! I'm waiting on an appointment with my doctor but wanted to ask a question.

I have breast lumps in both breasts that I recently discovered. Sometimes painful and most of the time not.

But when I lay on my side and feel the side of my breast I feel it's bumpy and very firm. I feel dumb asking but can that just be my ribs? I'm small chested and have a small frame. Don't want to waste my doctors time lol

I feel it when I'm laying flat on my back but its harder to find.

And I noticed change in how they look i can't tell if its dimpling or stretch marks

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