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Ironmanrocks Sun 13-Dec-20 10:17:19

I found a lump in my breast a while ago if I am honest, but it used to come and go a bit with my hormones/period. It is now much bigger and is there all of the time. (at least 1cm in size I would say.)
I am going to call the doctors tomorrow. What should I expect? To be sent to the hospital? Even if it is a cyst would they check it out with a scan?
I am 48 and am not worried - I am actually certain it is nothing, but I suppose I would like to be sure. If anyone has any experience of this I would be most grateful.

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monkeyadja Sun 13-Dec-20 11:06:03


Sorry to hear you have a lump. The GP will almost certainly send you to hospital for an ultrasound and probably a mammogram too. I know it’s hard but try not to worry too much, you tend to get seen pretty quickly.

Amanda x

Ironmanrocks Sun 13-Dec-20 13:09:24

Ok - so they don't just feel it, decide its a cyst and leave it at that? x

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monkeyadja Sun 13-Dec-20 13:19:36

Not from my experience, they have to refer discrete lumps. The process is very quick and efficient from my experience x

generallygenial Sun 13-Dec-20 13:22:13

Things are still very efficient with covid so you should be referred quickly to get anything nasty ruled out- as others have said, a scan will be the first think they do and if they're not sure it's a cyst they may do a biopsy which is a very short procedure.

Let us know how you get on

Ironmanrocks Sun 13-Dec-20 13:31:13

Thanks. I'm more worried about being examined!!

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UncomfortableSilence Sun 13-Dec-20 13:41:11

Yep you'll be referred on the two week pathway, I went recently and was seen within a week of going to the GP, examined first, then mammogram, then ultrasound. This time mine was a cyst so no further action. Last time it was a fibroadenoma so they had to biopsy to confirm.

The good thing is you will get a good idea on the day of what it is, it can be a lot of waiting around so be prepared for that.

TheAnchor Sun 13-Dec-20 13:45:26

I have just been to gp with a lump, he diagnosed a 'breast mouse' which has a proper medical term too that I forget!
Similar to you I wasn't actually worried, it is small, moves, is smooth etc but decided best to check it out anyway. Despite also feeling its nothing concerning he said he still has to refer to breast clinic, I had an appointment through a week later for an appointment in a further 6 days, I've requested a change to a day I don't work though.
I wore a strapless top from my holiday clothes stash with a shirt over the top so I could unbutton it and just pop my boob out and not be completely undressed on top and it made me feel much better and made things really quick too if you could wear something similar?
Good luck!

MrSanders Sun 13-Dec-20 14:23:03

I've had the exact same type of lump, going and coming and then eventually not going away. I'm 30 so i assumed it was a cyst, The nurse that originally examined me agreed that it was probably a cyst but referred me to the breast clinic at the hospital on the 'two week wait'.
At the breast clinic i had an ultrasound and the doctor couldn't say it was definitely a cyst so they gave me a core needle biopsy at the same time. It didnt take very long, i had local anesthetic so it doesn't hurt, my boob was a bit tender for a couple of days after and i had an enormous bruise.
They booked me in for a results appointment then and there, so i had to go all the way back to the hospital later. But obviously your hospital might be doing phone appointments only for results.
Now, not to worry you but mine wasnt a cyst. Its benign but its also medically interesting, so I'm going to need more investigation procedures and treatment depends on what they find.

But once you get past the weirdness of taking your top off infront of a stranger, the whole process was fairly dignified, pain-free and suprisingly quick. It was 3 weeks from going to the GP to getting my results.

Ironmanrocks Sun 13-Dec-20 16:59:02

Wow thank you for these experiences. Also for the advice of what top to wear, good plan!! I’ll call doc and hopefully will get an appointment quickly. Annoyingly it will all probably happen over and around Christmas but at least I won’t need to take time off work! X

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Ironmanrocks Mon 14-Dec-20 18:11:09

Hi all - I had a phone appointment with a dr today and now I am on the 2 week pathway to be seen at the local hospital.
She said she thought it probably is OK but then thought she could feel another lump in my left breast which was a surprise! At least I'll get checked.
Thank you all.xx

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Madvixen Mon 14-Dec-20 18:15:07

I'm a frequent flyer at our local breast clinic (they actually call me that when I check in now 😂) and the biggest thing that's made a difference when I get examined is a front fastening bra as I can leave the left cup in place so they only have to look at the right one. It helps me feel less exposed and it is far quicker to unzip a front fastening one than it is to wriggle in and out of a standard one.
I was an absolute wreck on my first visit and so embarrassed at getting my boobs out but the teams in these clinics are so professional that they do make it as easy as they can.
I hope your visit goes ok x

firesong Mon 14-Dec-20 18:24:16

They tend to check all lumps in my experience. Hormonal ones are really common too. Great that you are getting checked. My breasts are more lumps than breast, it's horrible getting checked but really when you are there you can see the professionalism and don't feel as embarrassed as you might think. Good luck!

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