Too many broken bones!

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KEW89 Tue 08-Dec-20 00:38:17

Hi everyone, I’m just after a bit of advice after the day I’ve had 🙈
I fractured my ankle this morning on the school run (luckily it was metres from our house so I was able to hobble home for help!) I’m prone to twisting my ankles but knew straight away it worse this time so off to A and E where they confirmed this, strapped it in a removable boot, crutches and a review in the virtual fracture clinic in two days time.
.... now this is where it gets a bit more complicated. I’m currently recovering from a nasty broken wrist that required a surgical plate less than 3 months ago and is still far from healed (making using a crutch in that hand a no go) Luckily again the doc who saw me today was the same this time as last time! So that was helpful in explaining my previous history but he did then inform me of something quite surprising - I already had two old healed fractures in that same ankle that I wasn’t aware of. He then went on to say he’s going to recommend reconstructive surgery for my ankle as it’s all a bit of a mess in there (not urgent like my wrist but still quite shocking to hear) I wish I’d of asked more questions now as when I got home and updated the family they were all up in arms suggesting things.... could it be brittle bone disease, could it be arthritis, is it because I’m veggie and I’m lacking the right nutrients is it because I’m clumsy or always rushing about etc etc and it’s now got me feeling a bit like there’s something wrong with me 😳
For background I’m 31 and have so far broken or fractured my nose my fingers my collar bone my ankle my coccyx and my wrist. None of this injuries were particularly traumatic - just unfortunate or down to an awkward fall/position (or so I thought) oh and I’m double jointed... apart from that I’m as average as it gets!
What’s everyone’s thoughts?? Do I need to push for this to be looked into?? Or am I just one of those people who break bones a lot?? 🤷‍♀️

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GrumpyHoonMain Tue 08-Dec-20 00:41:19

Are you overweight? Even if not it could be a balance / strength issue rather than related to bones.

minmooch Tue 08-Dec-20 00:43:48

Well that does sound like an awful lot of broken bones to me. I'm 53, was a gymnast, skier, always active - never broken any bones.

A talk with your gp about the number of breakages would be a good idea.

SleepingStandingUp Tue 08-Dec-20 00:44:50

I think you need it looking into op.

I'm clumsy as, anyways for bruises bit I've never broken a bone, not even when I dropped a full sack of potatoes (the big sack) in my for ages about 8. Also re advice point I'm also fat.

It could be something and nothing, bit information is power

BathshebaWasOnTheRoof Tue 08-Dec-20 00:44:54

Goodness. I think that does warrant investigation to check for any underlying cause or problem. I don’t think falling that much at your age is normal? Maybe you’ve got a coordination issue? That’s a lot of bones to break. It does sound as though you’ve normalised it.

You poor thing. It sounds awful. I hope you get some answers.

chesterfuckingdraws Tue 08-Dec-20 00:45:34

I'd definitely be pushing to find out if there was an issue. It could be you're lacking in something or it could be your very unlucky. Worth mentioning at follow up appointments to get an expert opinion at the very least it will stop you wondering.

pistolknight Tue 08-Dec-20 00:46:23

I'd speak to your gp and get a referral for a dexa scan, it measures bone density and go from there. thanks

OneTitWonder Tue 08-Dec-20 00:47:58

May be osteoporosis. You need vitamin D levels checked, and a bone density scan to identify this.

KEW89 Tue 08-Dec-20 00:49:59

Hi no sorry I should of added, I’m normal height and weight and always have been and have no previous health conditions apart from anemia (again referring back to my family’s views on my being a veggie being the route of all my problems!) Ive been taking iron supplements on and off since I was a teenager to try and combat this though!

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fallfallfall Tue 08-Dec-20 00:50:12

With your history you probably need physio rehab
In the past 14 months I too, fell awkwardly landed in such a way as to break a bone in my hand and severely sprain my ankle (which may have involved a bone chip), then 6 months ago fell again and technically broke both ankles. One was again a bone chip where the tendon pulled off but the other side needed a plate and 7 screws.
Currently too afraid to work on balance (bosu ball etc).
Health wise, I’m robust heal well but certainly go full protein no holds barred on calories, multivits just in case to support good healing.

steppemum Tue 08-Dec-20 00:51:09

That is a lot, and when I saw you were only 31, that was shocking. I think you need to ask to be referred to check for osteoporisis etc

addler Tue 08-Dec-20 00:53:33

If you're double jointed, look into Ehlers Danlos. It can affect the quality of your bones making them more prone to fracture as well as making it more likely you'll fall and injure yourself. It might ring true for you?

KEW89 Tue 08-Dec-20 01:18:26

Oh wow thank you all for posts, there’s lots of interesting thoughts and advice to consider. I most likely wouldn’t have brought this up to a health care professional (especially with our services being so stretched right now) but I suppose at the moment I’m kind of already on their radar and so now may be the perfect time. Are these investigations requested through my GP? Or would bringing it up at my fracture clinic appointment on Wednesday be a good time to do so?
Also I thought it was important to mention I’m double jointed as I have two children and without a doubt they both are as well...So there’s most definitely something in our bendy genes!

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SleepingStandingUp Tue 08-Dec-20 08:07:35

I'd mention it at fracture clinic but make an appt with GP tio

Spudlet Tue 08-Dec-20 08:15:33

I’m 38 and have only ever broken a toe, and that’s with years of riding, and a couple of badly rolled ankles too. I think getting this checked out is absolutely right.

Greybeardy Tue 08-Dec-20 15:03:59

I would talk to the bone doctor when you see them next rather than your GP - with proper mechanisms of trauma and patterns of injury it may be nothing to worry about, or it may be something they'd be interested in.

AnnaMagnani Tue 08-Dec-20 15:09:34

I would say you need:

Looking in to whether you are more prone to fracturing
Looking in to whether you are hypermobile - can lead to you falling over easily if you are always going over on your ankle
Eventually rehab to stop you falling over so much

I am hypermobile and used to be falling over and spraining my ankles all the time. I don't do it anymore after physio to work on my balance. You can stop being so clumsy!

JinglingHellsBells Tue 08-Dec-20 15:15:44

It sounds as if you have osteoporosis. Your GP ought to have automatically referred you to a fracture assessment clinic after you had the 2nd broken bone.

The fact you are a vegetarian is an issue- if you are not getting any meat or much dairy you may have osteoporosis. Do you have any history of irregular periods? Another risk factor due to loss of estrogen.

You are most definitely showing the signs of osteoporosis and there are women your age who have it (I'm a health writer and have researched this for features.)

Bring it up at the fracture clinic and ask for a DEXA (bone density scan) and make sure they know the history of your other fractures.

KEW89 Tue 08-Dec-20 22:39:29

Hi everyone thank you for your further posts I have been following all day and doing a little research of my own.

I have hypermobility it was diagnosed after i fractured my collar bone as a teen - I wanted to show the physio that I could pop my shoulders in and out (I thought it was a pretty cool trick at the time, certainly not anymore 🙈) so that’s when that was first officially noted. I don’t know if I’m particularly clumsy though... maybe I am but I’ve never really considered it before and no one has said this to me until recently - in reference to my recent breaks I thought... maybe i’m wrong though 🤔

I’ve also been busy discussing my situation with the GP this afternoon via phone apt. Once they had a quick read of my notes from yesterday’s hospital visit they began discussing arranging a bone density scan without my even having to request it which was a relief. They’ve also arranged full blood works for next week to see if there is any underlying deficiencies. The general vibes I got was it’s more likely something genetic though 😳
Anything else I could discuss or look into for myself in the mean time? I’ve made myself all anxious now 🙈

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Spudlet Wed 09-Dec-20 07:47:47

You could read up on Jess Piasecki - she’s an elite runner who has osteoporosis, in her case because of the female athlete triad, which (as I understand it) is caused by not enough nutrition for the amount of energy your body needs. She’s really inspiring, she won the Florence marathon last year, even after loads of nasty injuries. She apparently is treated with a drug that halts the deterioration of her skeleton? So that might be interesting to read about. She was on the Women’s Running podcast recently if you’d rather listen.

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