AIBU to be a bit freaked out

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Lostinagoodbook Tue 24-Nov-20 12:26:18

Can anything else cause the sensation of movement other than a baby or wind? The sensation has been getting more intense. Have been getting negative pregnancy tests since May/June. No periods for ages as still feeding my 16 month old. Also getting those shooting pains in my vagina/ lower right discomfort and issues with varicose veins in right leg
Have a scan booked in December over suspicion of a cyst(my request)- could that cause these symptoms?

I have a pooch but pretty baggy after 2 kids so not sure if I've gained lol. Not upset if pregnant but worried it could be something more serious...... GP thinks I'm constipated as that makes it worse but still get symptoms when not bunged up.

Thanks to anyone that reads.

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Literallyfedup Tue 24-Nov-20 20:17:25

If you have a cyst that is large or have an adnexal cyst which is not on ovary but on your adnexa (next to ovary) then it might press your bowels. In this case your bowel is not completely blocked but not completely free. It can lead to cramps, uneven movement, bloating, wind and also constipation.
You will have a clear picture when you get an ultrasound. If the symptoms are bothering you then drink fennel or peppermint tea.

Lostinagoodbook Tue 24-Nov-20 23:55:10

Thankyou - I will try that.

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