Bone changes in CT

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elliearthur Wed 18-Nov-20 14:38:35

Hi there, please excuse any mistakes I make - first time on here. I've been having some tests to discover why I'm always short of breath, amongst other symptoms of night sweats, migraines and sore throat.. I was supposed to get a referral for cardiology, but before that my GP got a CT scan for my chest, which came back clear thankfully.

It did however show up some changes to my clavicle/sternum bone area - my right shoulder and collarbone are very sore, and I have a large bony lump at the base of my throat\top of sternum. GP tested for inflammation, and I was told today that the blood tests for antibodies came back clear/normal. I have some red marks, some look like small bruises almost on my breasts that have been there for about 2 weeks.

My GP wasn't at work today, so I'm calling them tomorrow to discuss and hopefully see what next step I should be taking. Does this sound like anything anyone else has had? Can anyone advise me of anything? I'm 41, always been healthy until this year and while I've been managing well enough, as time goes by I'm worrying more. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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