Inner arm phobia and need a blood test

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ChloeR12 Sun 15-Nov-20 22:59:05

Hey everyone. Weird post here...
Since as long as I can remember I've had a weird phobia of my inner arm (where blood tests are done) like my inner elbow. And also my belly button...

I'm covered in tattoos so I am not scared of needles or anything, but I'm not pregnant and will obviously need a blood test...

2 things really. Does anyone else have this phobia? My inner arm physically makes me feel sick, the thought of it and look of it just sends me dizzy. Anyone touches me there and I cringe inside and feel physically sick! The other night I was up thinking about when I will have to have a blood test and I had to get up and go to the bathroom as I was almost sick.

Also, because of this fear... does anyone know if I can get a blood test done from my hand? Or wrist? I'd rather it be in a much more painful place than babe anyone go near my arm. I will have a panic attack, and that's not me over exaggerating!

I know this is so weird but I'm very worried about this, wondered if anyone could help sad

Any replies are appreciated thank you so much 💖

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ChloeR12 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:00:31

I meant have * sorry for typo

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Willowkins Mon 16-Nov-20 02:16:26

They don't have to use your inner arm it's just usually that's easiest. Just explain and they'll be fine with it.

olderthanyouthink Mon 16-Nov-20 02:27:57

Yeah kinda but also all needles, but the crook of my elbow is extra gross (I can feel the start of a panic attack thinking about this)

As PP said they might be able to do it elsewhere but that wouldn't help me I think, let them know you have an issue (I do it by just freaking the fuck out) and IME they go find to most experienced person to do it.

So far I've landed at headphones with music loud, DP holding me still and advocating for me because I can't and emla cream. Numbing spray is shit when they tried that, stressed me out having someone apply it too, I really struggle to put the emla on myself tbh

Hkyvvse Mon 16-Nov-20 02:44:45

I’m sure that they can use a butterfly needle on the back of your hand

Harmarsuperstar Mon 16-Nov-20 03:04:40

Yes, they can use a butterfly needle in your hand or wrist as Hykvvse says
That phobia must be a bit of a pain in the arse though, a phobia of your own body?! Can't you try desensitisation therapy? I had a phobia and have lessened it a lot by looking at photos of the thing I don't like (don't want to say what it is as it's quite unusual)
Could you try looking at the area and touching it, and generally being kind to it and see if that will help you to come to terms and be more accepting of it?

Amz6219 Mon 16-Nov-20 11:30:11

I used to have this but I have had that many blood tests and cannulas etc. over the years that I have become desensitized!

I find when I have a good nurse / phlebotomist it's absolutely fine but if they are at all lacking in confidence it makes me almost pass out!

I always mention it to the person taking blood so they are aware, they tend to be as quick as possible then x

VettiyaIruken Mon 16-Nov-20 11:35:56

I'm very stingy with my blood and my veins are impossible! They almost always end up taking it out of the back of my hand. Ask for them to do that. as pp says, they'll use a butterfly needle.

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