PCOS ultrasound?

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AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 11-Nov-20 11:28:09

I had the same experience as Reginaa re screen.

Please do not worry yourself unduly about this type of ultrasound.

Have had more internal ultrasounds than I care to mention by now; in my case the polycystic ovaries were clearly seen on u/s. The polycystic ovary can appear larger than normal size which is walnut size.

The u/s did seem a bit strange at first; the gel that is put onto the probe feels quite cold but apart from that it was ok and certainly not painful re insertion. The sonographer may not say much during the procedure preferring instead to just take measurements and then passing all information onto the gynae.

BTW Verity is a useful website to look at re PCOS www.verity-pcos.org.uk/

ReginaaPhalange Wed 11-Nov-20 00:06:21

No, The screen was at my head so I couldn't see it unless I looked right up

Unitedtemperature124 Tue 10-Nov-20 22:30:47

@LongPauseNoAnswer @jellybe @ReginaaPhalange

Thanks so much. Was the screen facing you during your appointment?

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jellybe Tue 10-Nov-20 22:25:57

I was told straight away. It was really obvious on my ultrasound.

ReginaaPhalange Tue 10-Nov-20 22:24:30

I got told straight away as it was obvious for them.

LongPauseNoAnswer Tue 10-Nov-20 22:11:34

You’ll probably be able to tell yourself from the ultrasound. You’ll see lots of black circles I’d it’s PCOS. Google images will help you identify if they won’t tell you there and then.

Unitedtemperature124 Tue 10-Nov-20 22:09:51

I’m getting an ultrasound done day after tomorrow for PCOS and really nervous. Do you think the radiographer will answer my questions? - it’s a private hospital if that makes any difference?

Really nervous for it and I’m hoping he/she will tell me on the spot if it looks like I have PCOS or not.
Appointment to discuss results is booked in for 10 days after ultrasound but I can’t wait that longggg

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