Any idea what this patch is on my chest

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Reanne2409 Mon 09-Nov-20 01:37:53

I discovered this mark on my chest/breast maybe a week or so ago. This doesn’t hurt or itch. The skin feels a bit raised and bumpy but that’s about it. Any idea what this could be??

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RaspberryGirl Wed 11-Nov-20 21:26:58

Looks like ringworm.
GP gave me some cream for it and it disappeared in a matter of days.

AddictedToCrisps Wed 11-Nov-20 22:23:56

Yes, I agree with @RaspberryGirl it looks like ringworm. If you’ve got any caneston thrush cream, use that and it should improve quite quickly. It tends to happen in places where you may get sweaty.

AddictedToCrisps Wed 11-Nov-20 22:25:56

But if it doesn’t disappear after a week using the anti fungal cream then get to your gp for it to be checked.

gamerchick Wed 11-Nov-20 22:26:49

Just to echo ringworm. Get some cream

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