How long for clotrimazole to work for thrush?

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IgorThalia Fri 06-Nov-20 08:30:49

Managed to get to a sexual health clinic yesterday as GP couldn't see me and was so uncomfortable. Definitely have thrush. Been prescribed a standard cream and pessary. How long have you found a mild case takes to clear up when using both of these? Tired of having an itchy fanjo! Any other tips to stop the itching?

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IgorThalia Fri 06-Nov-20 08:47:23


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sar302 Fri 06-Nov-20 08:57:12

I think the instructions reckon 3-4 days for it to kick in and then see a doctor again if symptoms havent gone in 7 days.

Which will feel like an eternity. You have my sympathy!

Ultimatecougar Fri 06-Nov-20 08:58:23

Try an antihistamine tablet to stop the itch.

IgorThalia Fri 06-Nov-20 09:40:57

I feel like it's working already but may be my brain playing sticks on me

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IgorThalia Fri 06-Nov-20 10:26:33

I just realised that I used a lush bath bomb the same day that I got thrush! I bloody hate lush and it was gifted to me by my mum so I just shoved it in the bath. Could that have caused it?

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FlowFlow7722 Fri 06-Nov-20 10:29:18

I’m just getting over thrush, I felt the treatment worked really quickly... within 12 hours. It’s my first time having it, real pain, think mine was after antibiotics.

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