Inner Cervical thin scablike line

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Firerose78 Thu 05-Nov-20 22:17:37

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I know my Dr has gotten the pap results but they will either call if something was found or post results to the portal if ok and neither has happened yet

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Firerose78 Tue 03-Nov-20 23:12:24

Hi hoping someone can give me an idea of what this possibly is. Checking my cervix I noticed a hard spot on the inside of my cervix. I rechecked when I was on my period as cervix is more open then and as far as I could feel inside there is a thin line that got wider that is flat and feels like a scab (hard and rough). As anyone experienced this or heard of someone who has? Is thus definitely cancer or other possibility? Had a pap yesterday but am in the waiting faze.

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