What's the bleeding?

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randomuser101 Mon 02-Nov-20 22:24:23

Hi everyone not sure if this is normal or not but I finished my period around 2 weeks ago (maybe less) i am on the pill to regulate them as I am not regular and obviously protection.
tonight I had severe nausea and felt like was going to be sick now bleeding dark blood with clots and stomach cramps, I have never gotten my period while on the pill before, is this normal?

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gamerchick Mon 02-Nov-20 22:27:20

Have you taken a pregnancy test?

randomuser101 Mon 02-Nov-20 22:41:18

I take a pregnancy test once a week last time being today and they all came back negative

But the nausea sickness I felt today was similar to the sickness I felt with my 1st and last pregnancy that's why I took the test to make sure

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randomuser101 Tue 03-Nov-20 09:18:36

The pain has gotten worse today still bleeding

Could it be stress induced?

Tia x

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gamerchick Tue 03-Nov-20 09:24:23

If you have enough hcg to give you pregnancy symptoms then you would get a positive test

Personally I'd make an appointment at the GUM clinic for a check up. It's their area of expertise.

Coffeeandaride Tue 03-Nov-20 09:27:50

Did you miss a pill or have a gastro bug in last couple days?

Is this a new pill? Women can get mid cycle bleed on pill but usually it’s from first month/first couple months.

mscongeniality Tue 03-Nov-20 09:29:20

You could have had an ovarian cyst burst, keep an eye on the bleeding and perhaps ring your GP for advice.

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