Coming off Depo

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Weareeinaclub Sat 31-Oct-20 12:49:56

Ps. Still trying to figure out the acronyms!😂

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Weareeinaclub Sat 31-Oct-20 12:48:58

Hello! My first posts on Mumsnet.
I've been looking through loads of articles online and various post. There is a lot of information about being on Depo but it's hard to find a lot about coming off off.

Been on Depo for 7/8 years. No issues for me and the only thing that kept my bleeding in check. I should of got my last injection in July but we are hoping to get pregnant so missed that one. I am now at 16 weeks after my injection ran out so to speak.

There is lots of info about no periods etc etc for months / years afterwards.

I bleed about 8 weeks after it finished for three weeks.
I then bled three weeks after that for two weeks.
I had a week without bleeding and I am now bleeding again.

I've not started tracking ovulation etc as most things say wait until you have your cycle back. This certainly doesn't feel like my cycles are back, just bleeding a lot. And it's not spotting it's proper periods.

Did anyone else have a similar experience coming off Depo? Is it worth a phone consultation with my doctor?

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