Ingrown bikini hairs

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itsureis Fri 30-Oct-20 07:48:02

When the beauticians were closed, I took to shaving my bikini line rather than having it waxed.
I'm prone to ingrown hairs and now have the mother of all spots, which I've had for weeks !
Do I bother with the GP or just wait for it to come to a head ?
It's very annoying and angry, and I've even given it a name it's so big 🤦‍♀️
Thanks ....

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Zzzexhaustedzzz Fri 06-Nov-20 19:25:18

Do yourself a favour and check out lasering!
I am so glad I did. Fairly reasonable price-wise now. I was so fed up of waxing/ shaving giving me lumps and bumps.

attillathenun Mon 09-Nov-20 15:36:06

Second the laser suggestion! Best money I’ve ever spent, used to get loads of ingrown hairs and they could be so painful.

DramaAlpaca Mon 09-Nov-20 15:40:12

Ouch! Have you tried putting a hot flannel on it and giving it a good old squeeze?

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